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The Red

Scottish nationalist, socialist (believes in the Glorious Socialist Republic of Scotland, true story you know), and sophisticated, the Red tends to quarrel in the Political Chat forums with other Britons (Wanderlust would be the best known.) Hailing from Overtown, Scotland, The Red brings a unique view to AH.Com. A perusal of his threads suggests his knowledge of history is of the Soviet Union and the Second World War.

Is the secret Great-grandchild of Willie Gallacher and Mary Barbour. Others say he is the man in the iron mask at Tommy Sheridans “parties”. His grandfather somehow escaped when others from the Cambridge spy-ring were captured. This led to a steady indoctr…..healthy socialist influence which has now passed through the generations to him. Others call him Jackie Baillies sex-slave.

I call him……. The Red.


The Red tends to have many ideas, but few of them are fleshed out well. This is somewhat of a disappointment for some, as they tend to be interesting premises. We can only hope that the Red can restart or revitalize them.

All German men disappear in 1942

Rabid Zombies !

Greece Holds - A Tale of A Three-way Cold War

Decisive Darkness: What if Japan hadn't surrendered in 1945? - 2016 Turtledove Award winner, first volume published as an e-book.

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