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British board member, since February 2008. A common sight on the site for many years now.

Originally Geordie87, but renamed himself Geordie after Thande went on a strange rant about members with numbers in their names.

As his name implies, he originates from the fire and ice of Northumberland, although he is currently in exile in Hampshire, having previously resided in Cambridge. Current claim to fame is that he drinks six or seven pints of tea a day, which is considered excessive even by the British.

Member of the Board's Tolkienist Cabal, and a member of the Politibrits, with leftist tendencies.


Despite joining the site in 2008, it took just over five years for him to write a story, a TLIAW called 1485: Stanley's Dilemma. Stretching the established TLIAD format to a seven day period did little to help the punctual ending of the work, which took three weeks to complete. Since then, he has become slightly more productive. In 2015, he wrote the An Honourable Man, which was nominated for a Turtledove award, and later published in a revised format by Sea Lion Press. In 2016, he wrote the vignettes Let me Make this Absolutely Clear and King of the Who?, as well as Let Them Talk, a TLIAW which took even longer to finish than the first one.

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