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Alex Richards

Alex is a British member who joined the board in 2009. Cartographer, British County aficionado and co-creator of the Revised Colour Scheme, he is the self-procclaimed ruler of the Empire of Nova Elysium and considered one of the politibrits.

The Revised Colour Scheme

Having spent his first year or so on the board getting acquainted with its culture and workings and starting a TL which is (as of 2014) still undergoing major rewrites on the backburner, Alex became involved in the board's Basemap creation in the autumn of 2010, shortly after the start of the UCS Clarification Conference. Presumably by coincidence the Colour Scheme War started shortly afterwards with the start of the Russian colour Poll.

The basemap thread was an oasis of relative calm throughout the tensions however, and Alex would continue work on the medieval era maps, adding to the provisional Thandean Colour Scheme in the process to create the TCS+. Subsequently this would gain a measure of approval from Thande and be expanded and recristened the RCS, mainly as Alex viewed it more as an expansion of the Universal Colour Scheme despite some naming it after him. Since then Alex has remained a regular fixture of the basemap thread, serving along with Iori as something of an unofficial co-chairman by dint of seniority, though at present a quintriumvirate of sorts exists along with Metastasis_d, LSCatilina and newest major member ATL Czar.

After being initially a fierce opponent of TACOS, Alex has since mellowed and now considers that it serves a different purpose to the RCS and so has its place. Using it in the basemap thread is still likely to frustrate him however.

Other Areas

Beyond the basemaps, Alex is also a frequent entrant to the Map of the Fortnight contest, having won it twice and received three honourable mentions since they were implemented. His cartographic endeavours often involve highly detailed federal models, including the development of the British administrative system for his TL, Imperium Resurgam and a series of highly detailed maps showing the territorial evolution of Switzerland which would surely annihilate the cliché of the eternal Swiss borders if only people actually paid attention to them.

Alex also seems to have developed something of a habit of finding an interesting discussion thread in ASB and starting a TL from it, though Imperium Resurgam is, as yet, the first to go on for more than a few months due to the effects of writers block.

At some point in the last couple of years he sidled his way into the British Politics discussion threads and has become an official Politibrit with the start of the 5th thread, where he is classed as an independent due to uncertainty on all parts (his own included) as to where his political views actually lie. He has also developed something of a working relationship with Petike, mainly because of the latter's interest in improving the wiki and the fact that it seems like Alex is quite possibly the only person who actually remembers the details of the Colour War and the various Alternate Schemes floating around at the time. Despite, or perhaps because of this, he managed to completely miss The Pony Wars

Alex has also become convinced that the AH.Com universal centre of weirdness has moved from Michigan and/or Cambridge to Durham University, based on the number of people he's met who turned out to be on the forum, including spending a year as roommate to fellow cartographer and Berkshire nationalist Martin23230.


Imperium Resurgam

The Imperial Press - An overview of Alex's works (a list of his other works, but somewhat outdated now)

In Fiction

Despite not actually appearing in the narrative yet, AlfieJ has confirmed independently that Alex appears as a member of the Liberal Democrats in his TL A Long Time in Politics.

The eponymous character of Alex Richards, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him. The character is the ship's main allohistorical cartographer and geographer, and apparently harbours a rather mysterious past which he isn't willing to talk about openly in front of the crew.

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