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stories:ip.net_ship Ship

A Multiverse Exploration Ship that first appeared in the The Series episode “A WRETCHED HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLAINY”, commanded by Chingo360 and an alternate luakel (Alt-Luakel). The ship appears to be of a similar design to the and, given the similarity in name, leads one to wonder if it too was built by the Neanderthals. If so, one can only wonder why they name all their warships after alternate history websites.

The ship was poorly maintained when it first appeared, and the AH.commers plotted to sell it for parts over Chingo's head, but it transpired that Chingo's strings were being pulled by Molobo and his assistants Kadyet and Radical_Neutural as part of a plan to break Mike Collins out of the Hub prison.

The blasted out of the Hub under Kadyet and Molobo's command after the failure to retrieve Collins (although a fragment of his spirit in an avatar called Blaine Hess came with them). Chingo and alt-luakel were left behind, and took up a job flipping burgers in a Hub fast-food place.

The ship reappeared in later episodes as the personal craft of Molobo and later, after Collins did succeed in escaping, Collins himself (with Straha). Presumably it had been repaired and upgraded since Chingo's days with it.

Finally, in UNRESOLVED ISSUES, Chingo and Alt-Luakel attempted to regain the ship. They succeeded for all of twenty seconds (because the Mirror AH.commers had taken it from Collins and Straha) before Mirror Psychomeltdown set off the auto-destruct sequence. The ship exploded at the end of the episode, though Chingo and Alt-Luakel escaped back to the Hub in a shuttle.

This episode also mentions that Chingo originally got hold of the ship from his uncle's starship junkyard.

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