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Incomprehensible banned member, he spoke in a cryptic languague mostly consisting of typos. He made numerous implausible or poorly thought out posts, and insulted whoever tried to tell him his ideas were impossible.

He is suspected to have come back several times - once as FCTroll, once as TheGreatCocanut.

Described himself as “half-Serb and half-South African”.


“yuo fcukin crakched!”

“ctulhu neatanderdal reaplotick”

“i cliam nzai pirat jpaan!”

These became subject to memetic mutation and running gags extremely fast and are beloved to this very day.

In Culture

In the holy Book of What, the quintessential R_N spirit is believed to have been shown first by the Snake, who spaketh to Eve: “Eat teh apull u fckuin crakched!!!” Naturally, he was punished, and all true Whatians have rejected him ever since.

In fiction

In The Series, radical_neutural appeared as a Fallen in the episode A WRETCHED HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLAINY. He was an ally of Molobo and Kadyet, who had been forced to take him on as part of a deal they worked with TheLoneAmigo. At the end of the episode, Ian punished Mike Collins by making radical_neutural his cell mate.

In Wars, radical_neutural is 'Rad Rad Neut', the Jar Jar Binks character.

In Luaky Commer, he was 'Raddy the House-troll', the Dobby the House-elf character.

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