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Kadyet was a fundamentalist, ultrareactionary Catholic who made increasingly inflammatory comments on political and religious issues in early 2005. He finally crossed the line when he wrote that John Kerry “ought to be burnt at the stake”, and was banned by Ian. As he was of Polish descent, he can be grouped among the Polish Trolls, especially as his reactionary views and views about Poland fit with that group.

In Fiction

In The Series, Molobo took Kadyet as his apprentice after Mike Collins was incarcerated in the Hub. The two attempted to seize control of the ship in a Confederate-victory TL, but failed despite the aid of Michael E Johnson, president of an enlarged Liberia.

Later, Molobo and Kadyet picked up another Fallen, radical_neutural, and bullied Chingo360 and an alternate Luakel into allowing them use of their ship, the Even disguised as several members and with the aid of Mike avatar Blaine Hess, they failed to liberate Mike. They were able to escape in the, leaving Chingo and Luakel stranded in the Hub.

Kadyet wears red cardinal's robes and various pain-inducing devices to punish himself for various sins. The most infamous of these is “an Opus Dei issued barbed wire thong” that was destroyed during the attempt to rescue Mike.

Sometime after the failed attempt to liberate Mike, Molobo and Kadyet had a falling-out. Kadyet took a ship and found a planet whose populace had destroyed itself in a colossal war 1000 years in the past. He took control of its only remaining major military base and attacked crosstime visitors. He met his match when he temporarily disabled the ship and teleported Thande and Diamond to the surface in order to force them to fight to the death.

However, the AH.commers turned the tables, teleported into his command center, and took him prisoner. They intended to take him back to the Hub for Ian to deal with, but his ultimate fate is unknown.

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