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A German member of the board.

Together with luakel and a few others that will not be named at the moment he is one of the eternal noobs. May it be because of his age or of his comments but he never seems to go anyway but the noob level.

Claims to Fame

Chingo360 was one of the few members together with Highlander who helped perfect (or imperfect) Feudal Lands. Though none of the feudal lands games lasted for anything over three weeks they were good as a fad for a few days. Chingo360 also wrote Lord of AH which turned out to be a mildly entertaining book featuring several prominent members.

Claims to Infamy

Chingo360, in the hopes of running his own forum, created one of the before mentioned. Dubbed the wretched hive of scum and villainy it has turned into a primary breeding ground for debate of random things going on at Many members were and some are still annoyed by Chingo's attempt of seperating himself from (and wanting to take with him some members while he was (or still is) a noob.

Recently to everyone's delight it seems to have merged with another forum and promptly died off. This was met with much rejoicing and feasting on the minstrels.

His Return

After vanishing from the forum for many years, Chingo returned in 2010 as an older, wiser individual who has since become an intrepid geologist adventurer person. As he returned shortly after mowque left, he was the hot favourite to succeed him in the role of Forum Mowque, particularly since the alternative was a blow up doll. However, mowque soon returned, leaving Chingo to plough his own role in the wild and wacky world of

In fiction

In The Series, Chingo's recurring role is as captain of the Ship (a parody of his forum) and latterly as background character in the Hub, flipping burgers. Other versions have also featured.

In Luaky Commer, his role combines those of both Dudley and Ginny.

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