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Luakel Clones

An idea called into existence by luakel to brush off Rommy's immature god-moding: every time Rommy supposedly killed luakel with his lovingly described fictional Belgian pistol, luakel “revealed” that that luakel was in fact “just another luakel clone”. Thousands of luakel clones died this way.

The idea of luakel clones was inextricably linked with luakel's own onslaught of posting in his early days as a member, and the idea arose that luakel's large number of posts was due to many clones posting around the clock.

In Fiction

In The Series, luakel clones appear a great deal, even more so than the usual schtick of having alternate AH.commers appear in different timelines. Although the 'original' luakel eventually joined the Ship, other luakel clones throughout the multiverse appear to almost universally be devoted to spreading chaos and destruction. A mysterious factory known as “The Machine” turns out to be responsible for creating the luakel clones, as yet for reasons unknown… See also Complete List of Luakels.

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