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The Rafek Emperor

The Rafek Emperor is a villain from The Series.

He was originally Hub resident Rafi Issoghlian, who left the Hub and went to live in an ATL Armenia. Said Armenia was destroyed by a genocidal Ottoman Empire, which attempted to hunt down every recognizable Armenian. To protect himself, Rafi had some Kurdish gangsters transplant his brain into a robot body.

The gangsters then forced Rafi to serve as an R2D2-like astromech droid. Rafi stole one of their spacecraft–a saucer-like vehicle with crosstime capability–and fled the TL. He outfitted his new body and ship with weapons and liberated thousands of other Rafis in similar positions.

Once he had assembled an army, he went from timeline to timeline, destroying the Ottoman Empire wherever it could be found. He succeeded at least a dozen times.

He met his match, however, when the AH.commers were dragooned into protecting the Empire in the Series episode EX-TER-MIN-ATE!. The AH.commmers teleported a nuclear bomb inside his headquarters and, with the aid of a Doctor What analogue and his lesbian ninja warriors, set it off.

The blast killed the Emperor and the Ottoman armies mopped up the remnant Rafeks soon afterwards, although one Rafek survivor made it to Constantinople and killed the Sultan.

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