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Although one of the many alternates (or clones) of Luakel, this alternate is seemingly more blessed in being able to survive many of his misadventures.

Alt. Luakel began with being the only other crew member of the ship, which was ultimately taken over by the Fallen. After losing his ship, he and his companion Chingo360 managed to get a job at a burger joint in the Hub.

In the episode Doughboys, Alt. Luakel and Chingo360 were fired from their job. They both later got a job at a bakery that was owned by Count Dearborn. Alt. Luakel had the misfortune of being kidnapped by a creature that had also taken over Count Dearborn's mind. Doctor What, GBW, and Alyson Hannigan managed to save Alt. Luakel and other kidnapped crew members.

Alt. Luakel normally works at the Multiverse Mart with Chingo360. In UNRESOLVED ISSUES, he and Chingo temporarily left their jobs in an unsuccessful attempt to regain their former ship (which was destroyed in the process), before returning and taking up employment again.

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