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A Polish member, that has been banned from the board. He was the first and most extreme of the Polish trolls the board has suffered. He often times attacked Russians and especially Germans, justifying his generalisations with the remark that Germany after all, had done nothing to warrant a positive evaluation. Among his often ridiculous claims was that medieval Poland was a democracy and that the Roman Catholic Church was an organsiation entirely devoted to “love and charity”.

He was generally known for using long series of single-line quotes and citing long Wikipedia articles he often had written. That and verbal abuse of Leo Caesius finally led to his ban.

In Fiction

In The Series, sometime after being banned, he fell into the orbit of Mike Collins and assisted him in stealing crosstime bombs for use against the Hub. He overpowered MerryPrankster after the latter attempted to defend the Nestorian Patriarch. Molobo was cast into medieval Poland by a crosstime explosion, where he was assaulted by some Polish nobles who thought he was a Jew.

After escaping from that TL, he managed to find a new apprentice, Kadyet. The dastardly duo briefly took Straha hostage and fled to Liberia as part of a plan to hijack the Ship, but lost their own vessel to orbital bombardment. Molobo was able to gain control of another crosstime ship and, along with Kadyet and radical_neutural, managed to infiltrate the Hub in order to rescue Mike Collins, disguised as certain members (Molobo was Doctor What, Kadyet was Othniel, and radical_neutural was luakel). Their scheme was narrowly foiled by Ian and the

Another version of Molobo was the leader of the PoleTrolls who briefly conquered the WikiWorld.

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