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Teens on a Ship


Season: 3

Episode: 9

Written by: Flocculencio and Michael

Air date: March 18, 2007

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Ward, in a spot of cartoony mastermindness, decides to try subterfuge in taking control of the good ship It falls to the off-duty crew to stop his evil scheme due to the partial incapacitation of the real heroes, who are infected with 'teeniness' by Ward's teen infiltrators.


Again featured Singa-Buddy, Flocculencio's robotic servant. Also has the first appearance of the war room.


Space reserved for notes.

Behind the Scenes

Space reserved for notes.

Easter Eggs

Teenified crew:
Landshark becomes the EMO Gothshark, IronYuppie becomes the bored cheerleader PrincessYuppie, Grey Wolf becomes Teen Wolf, G.Bone becomes the muscular jock T.Bone.

Non-crewmember cameos:
Highlander, Chingo360, ChunkeyMonkey13q, Darkest.

Amusingly, Darkest's lines suggest that this role was actually meant for Agentdark but there was a mistake.

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