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Doctor Who

A quintessentially British family science fiction TV series from the BBC, that is beloved by many of the Brits (and non-Brits) on the board. It is commonly accepted that the main enemies in the show, the Daleks, would beat any other mainstream SF opponent into the ground with ease, whilst the Doctor himself (basically being an ASB and therefore godlike) would beat everyone else including the Daleks whilst gleefully yelling some very plausible sounding technobabble about 'timey-wimeyness'.

Most people of the board would secretly love to own a TARDIS and thus be able to engage in some AH creating of their own. Unfortunately, the one working example is rumoured to be kept under impregnable guard by the BBC's legion of Anne Robinsons so as to prevent sad geeks from commenting on its slightly changing appearance over the years.

The Queen is said to be a big fan of the series all the way from the First Doctor to the current one, and seems to have access to the real TARDIS given George Bush's comment that she is really Elizabeth I.

Fans on the board of the show range across Commonwealth, American, European and other members as the show has global appeal. It is also popular in Japan, however, as the board has no known native Japanese members, we'll have to wait for them to show up and render everything in anime form with scantily dressed schoolgirl assistants.

Doctor Who is also responsible for the annoying habit of VulcanTrekkie45 and other Americans persistently referring to the Canary Wharf Tower in London (One Canada Square) as “The Torchwood Tower”. When of course we all know that it's really the site of Pharoah Ramses' immortality pyramid from the '90s remake of The Tomorrow People.

The modern version of Doctor Who has been credited with about tripling Britain's cultural impact on the world, especially the USA.

The fifth series had made gingers cool (and thus, MrP very happy) with a feisty new Scottish assistant called Amy Pond.

Once Amy and Rory departed the good Doctor and the series as regular characters, the Doc eventually gained a new female companion with an unusual and complicated past, Clara Oswald. Clara has earned Petike's and Nerupe's seals of approval, due to them having a crush on her actress.

The Doctor regenerated again in the 2013 Christmas episode and now the whole board is thrilled for Peter Capaldi's performance in the upcoming 2014 season. Discussions on Doctor Who Fanfics

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