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A shift-capable warship controlled by the Warhammer 40K-style Imperium of Man Administratum of Ban in The Series. Commanded by TyrannusZero, with Evil MrP as its chief psyker. The Vendetta's mission is to hunt down luakel clones and exterminate any Earths that have luakel clones on them, and ultimately to find The Machine, which makes new luakel clones.

The Vendetta is described as about the same length as the Ship but four times as wide. It is more heavily armed than the Ship and its defences are such that the Ship has never managed to make much impression on them. The Vendetta carries many Space Marines Janissaries and ground assault vehicles also.

So far the Vendetta has featured in V IS FOR VENDETTA and THE MACHINE. Although it did not appear in MONTANA HOWERY AND THE MANTLE OF N00B, it was mentioned - and hints of ASB interference to its home timeline may have changed matters somewhat. The crew of the Vendetta are commonly called “The Vendettas” (according to genuine naval parlance) and this is sometimes extended to all servants of the Administratum of Ban.

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