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British member of the board (from Cheshire to be precise) and indeed quite possibly the most British person on the Board, or in fact in the known universe. Ends almost every sentence with 'dear boy', 'old chap', etc. His use of 1950s English is allegedly because some Americans on another forum refused to believe that real British people didn't talk like that.

MrP is a major contributor to the Unfortunate Thread Juxtapositions thread.

Foremost champion of Keiraiite Goatism, bearing the title of Fidelis Defensor - a joke based on Fidei Defensor, one of the titles of the British monarch.

His younger brother, P Minor, is often referred to, but is suspected by many to be mythical. His father, P Senior, is also sometimes mentioned as an expert on British railways.

MrP has shown an interest in transvestitism since being involved in a Rocky Horror Show themed birthday party, and often posts Photoshopped pictures to traumatise both the gays and straights on the board. In addition, he is one of the few board members not to run in terror when Wanderlust ventures into the photo thread.

Thande likes to refer to him by demographic, i.e. “You! Ginger bisexual transvestite Catholic vegan!” on the grounds that he is probably the only person in the world who fits that description.

Flocculencio and Michael have an insidious plan to make MrP the next Pope, (Mr)Pius XIII.

Has recently been declared an honourary German due to being cold-blooded when anything bad happens and possessing an evil (aka scary and deafening) laugh.

P's other unorthodox belief is that WW1 is vastly more interesting than WW2. He eats, breathes and sleeps WW1! He is the world's foremost expert on WW1! Or at least that's how Thande introduced him to his professor.

In Political Chat, P is known for the P-rant, a condemnation of the British Education System in which he is joined by Thande and others. He is further known for the P-gah, although this is no longer unique to him.

MrP is both a wargamer and greatly inventive at improvising and painting models, to the point where he is virtually worshipped by some of the other wargamers on the board. He also made an extremely witty summary of the 'grim darkness of the far future' of Warhammer 40K.

In June 2008 he spontaneously decided to go on a road trip around Britain, visiting various British members (so far, Thande and Kit). Baldie then invited him to come to America and do the same there.

P stopped visiting after July 2011, but made his return in February 2015, after nearly four years. In the meantime, he often contributed to sister site

Banning (and its weirdness)

However, not everything from 2015 onward was as it seemed. MrP actually didn't return to in 2015. For whatever reason, he decided to give his account details to the already banned Hendryk and let him run amuck with his old account. Hendryk abused the good reputation of MrP and his lack of infractions for over three years. Once he had built up a steady stream of kick after kick on MrP's de facto commandeered user account, MrP's account was banned for good. Shortly afterward, some board members revealed they actually knew about Hendryk using MrP's account for years to troll the site.

At that time, though, MrP hadn't posted on for a long seven years, and didn't seem to have any interest. Hendryk, masquerading as MrP, had gotten himself banned the third time. In the process, he also ensured the banning of MrP's account, preventing the possibility of P returning. (Though P's willingness to give his account to an infamous banned member already begs the question whether he would have ever bothered to return anyway.)

MrP might be the only person in history who got banned for allowing someone else to take over their account and then run it into the ground. All the while that other, banned person cowardly hid behind MrP's identity. In a sense, P himself didn't get banned, but his account got banned due to the actions of another person, but with P's apparent approval for the account takeover.

Noted Works

  • Englishman - The comedic misadventures of a thoroughly English superhero.
  • Pour le coeur - A TL about an improved French military in WWI. It's currently receiving regular updates, so the end of the world is nigh. This has led to frightening events, among which are the BBC releasing an article on matters scientific which didn't make Thande weep. P has theorised that the popularity of the appalling “comedy” Family Guy among Thande's French co-workers is down to France's suffering in the OTL WWI driving their descendants bonkers, and promised that this will not occur in PlC!



  • Gahhhh!!!!
  • Harrummmpphh!!
  • I say!
  • Damn shame.
  • Good show, chaps! Politics

MrP is a member of the Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party and is one of their MPs. Seeing as he's a jolly decent fellow, Acting President Sargon appointed him to a Special Cabinet Post as Minister for Affability and Politeness in his Cabinet.

Appearences in Fiction

In The Series, MrP has appeared in a number of minor walk-on roles. Recently he has received two more recurring roles - MrP the oracle of the Hub, who speaks cryptic prophecies about the future, and 'Evil MrP', a psyker on the Vendetta (a reference to his wargaming connection, as the Vendetta is a parody of the ships of the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40K).

In Luaky Commer, MrP is the librarian and referee of News Posting.

MrP appeared as an Imperial lieutenant in Wars.

P also appears as the archaeological assistant to David bar Elias in Mind Coming Back to the Present .

Also, the character of William Courtenay in Thande's Moonstruck series is based on him. Courtenay's penchant for nibbling celery is the reverse of P's RL distaste for the stuff.

The butler of the Blount family Ball from another of Thande's older works, There'll Always Be An England, is also based on MrP.

Appeared in Dial M for Elastic as the lunatic surgeon-physician Mister Oestrogen Pee, MD, FRCS, FRCP.

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