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Federalist Federation of Federalists (FFF)

The Federalist Federation of Federalists is an political party established by Susano in August 2007. It made a strong showing in the 2007 elections, winning two seats, and is one of only three parties to return to the 2008 Parliament, having retained its two seats in the 2008 parliamentary elections. The FFF advocates the implementation of more federalism throughout and its government.


Susano, party chairman and founder, announced the establishment of the Federalist Federation of Federalists on August 9, 2007.

In the 2007 elections, the FFF received 8.11% of the vote and won two seats in parliament, while presidential candidate Susano tied for 3rd place with The Sicilian of the Rhinoceros Party and independent Doctor What. The party selected Kabraloth and Steffen to fill their seats in 2007 Parliament while on August 17, 2007 Acting President Sargon appointed Susano Minister of Federal Affairs.

During this time, both MPs abstained from voting on the 2007 Presidential Recall Election Bill, Byzantine Ministry Act, and Extraterrestrial Affairs Act. Both also voted against the Landsraad Bill. In the only vote where the FFF MPs split, Kabraloth voted in favor of the Anti-Parliament Act, while Steffen abstained. Neither of the MPs proposed any legislation during the 2007 - 2008 session of the Parliament.

On April 26, 2008, the Newspaper ran an article on the FFF and published their 2008 Manifesto. In June 2008, the Newspaper conducted a political survey, placing the FFF 3rd in the parliamentary race with 10% and with an approval rating of 18%. The survey also found that, of those polled: 37.8% thought the FFF was corrupt, while around 20-30% considered them 'Honest', 'Hard Working', 'Good Leaders', and 'Noobish'.

In the 2008 parliamentary elections the FFF received 9.47% of the vote, up 1.36%, once again securing two seats. This success made it one of only two parties to survive the Evil Party's landslide victory in the 2008 elections. The party selected Steffen for a second term and replaced Kabraloth with party chairman Susano. On August 4, President Sargon chose Susano for a second term as Minister of Federal Affairs, and appointed Steffen Minister of Even More Federalism. Susano also has a seat on the Committee for the Preparation of a New Landsraad Act.

So far during the 2008 Parliament, the Federalist MPs have introduced one bill, the Limits on the Size of the Executive Bill, which failed to pass in a preliminary vote but is still pending further debate in Parliament. Susano also co-sponsored the Landsraad Committee Act and was responsible for reorienting the bill from directly rewriting the failed Landsraad Bill to creating a preliminary committee on the subject. The Federalists have voted in favor of the 2008 Wiki Task Force Act and Landsraad Committee Act, whereas they both abstained from voting on the Legislative Procedures Act.

2007 Manifesto

People! You fellow Citizens of that you are citizens wether you want or not!

For all too long we have tolerated the suppressiveness of this unitary system that denies us to be what we are! For we ar more then just AH.commers, we are Hessians, Strathclydians, Gaysexuals and what not, too! It is because of this that last year I tried to secede with the Germans, but I have realised the problem is bigger then just that. There are a million groups out there wanting their own cultural identity! And we represent them!

The only true way to solve this problem is federalism. We want a federalist, not a centralist and unitary! And to that end we have assembled all groups that want to strive for that! And have created a Federation of Federalists!

Thus I announce the formation of the Federalist Federation of Federalists. We will be organised indeed as a federation of else-wise independent subgroups, and I am proud to announce that the SIP will be one!

2008 Statement regarding the Establishment of a Constitutional Monarchy

We welcome the AHCMP ( Constitutional Monarchist Party), as natural successor to the IMAJIN Party, and the DLPMP. We are certainly open to negotiations with AHCMP, as we share the ideals of a constiutional monarchy. To be clear and blunt, while both Evil and YSP have loudly proclaimed their support for it, they have done nothing about it during their tenure, just as they have broken all promises to us about federalisation of! The FFF stands for both: A constitutional monarchy and a federal structure. The vision of the FFF sees for an structure that fits to We support a constitutional monarchy, that…

1. …is Empire, and where hence the Monarch is styled Emperor.

2. …is a federal Empire. Of course.

3. …is HREGNoid, with hundreds of small princes. To that end, the peerages will be allowed to continue to grow.

FFF offers you the best of all worlds!

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