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Confederate Wank Party (CWP)

The Confederate Wank Party is an political party established by HUCK in August 2008, shortly after the 2008 elections.


For the 2008 elections, the Apathy Party ran HUCK as their presidential candidate. Unfortunately, they never registered him as a candidate, forcing him to run an ill-fated write-in campaign. Disillusioned by the Apathy Party's failure to win either the presidency or a single seat in Parliament, late on August 3, 2008 HUCK announced he was leaving the Apathy Party to create a new political party. He called “for anyone who reads Turtledove's rubbish, likes the Civil War, or just likes wanking to the tune of Dixie” to join and begin discussion their strategies for the 2009 elections.

Later Disbanded with HUCK joining the FFF party.

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