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Count Dearborn

American member from Illinois. Joined AH.COM on 8 December, 2004, and has been a regular poster ever since. The Count is a life long fan of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, in all of their myriad forms; from comic books, to movies, and novels. Though, growing up near a grain elevator might have also had some effect on him. He tends to post alot in the ASB Section, and in the Chat, with occasional posts in the others. He has yet to contribute an episode to AH.COM: The Series, but he might in the future. On a side note, IronYuppie has commented that the Overlord has a Beanie baby that she has named Dearborn, and that it is a red dog. This is funny in the fact, that Count Dearborn's first name is Clifford.

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