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The United States of Ameriwank

A timeline by Big Tex. This is his first timeline that has gone somewhere and examines an ATL US who was given a mission in 1775 to spread itself and its ideals around the world by the mysterious Stranger, who gives him strange technology to aid him in his mission. So far the timeline expands from 1774 until 1860. It can be read here at the ongoing canon timeline. Discussion and comments occur here.


On March 15, 1774 while working his land at Mount Vernon, George Washington is greeted unexpectedly by a time traveler that has become know as “The Stranger”. The Stranger tells Washington that the young nation about to be born has been chosen in the year 2258 during a devestating apocolyptic war to be given future technology with which to “Unite the World to Save the World”.

The technolgies include:

  1. A metal ring with a button that can be pressed to allow those who hear you to become heavily influenced by your opinions. It is a form of mind control that, while it cannot change free will, can help to persuade others in the “right” direction.
  2. A replicator plate with which to create any non-dangerous element in the known universe.
  3. A teleporter with which one can go anywhere in the world instantly.

The Order of Freedom

The Order of Freedom is the secret society in posession of the technologies brought back by The Stranger. The Order is the group that charges itself with uniting the world and keeping the United States together. The Order has included national heroes, founding fathers, generals, presidents, and many other famous Americans. While the Order is not perfect, the small group of dedicated and diverse Americans using a simple small democratic voting system has made great strides to bring the Stranger's task to fruition.

Perhaps the Order's biggest internal crisis occured during the Civil War when several prominent members from Confederate states walked out, taking with them some of the technology and forming their own “Order of the Golden Circle”. The competition between the two Orders using technology beyond their reasoning led to the “Order of the Golden Circle interfering directly in the war by causing Kentucky and Missouri to change sides (putting the war back by nearly a year in North America), the accidental assassination of Jefferson Davis, and an assassination attempt on President Lincoln. In response the two Orders buried the technology in secret to be used after the war in a gentlemen's agreement.

Table of Contents

The Ameriwank Table of Contents can be found through this link here.

Under Construction: will include a list of wars, prominent personalities, timelines, and a state/territory list.

List of Characters in Ameriwank

List of Wars in Ameriwank

States and Territories of the United States

Timeline Index

Other Countries in the United States of Ameriwank

Fun Facts & The Strangerverse

It is the first timeline in what has become unofficially known as the The Strangerverse, currently five seperate timelines: Ameriwank, The Golden Touch, The Britwank Empire, Ultimate Israel, and Eurowank Or, President Tony Blair of the European Union.

In addition The United States of Ameriwank won a 2009 Turtledove Award for best ASB Timeline.

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