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A regular of the ASB sub-forum, Godsown goes by many aliases; Moses, Nippon-lover, Lord of Drama, etc…

His greatest feat (and only one!) Was too create a Japanese Strangerverse TL (way to be original *rolls eyes*) that while confusing, seemingly abandoned, and involving un-badass characters is strangely liked by the Noobs of the ASB sub-forum. (And there was some .5 updates on Big Tex's original but no one really cared about those…)

Finding Religion

Godsown has recently wandered into the Sandbox of Life, and discovered that his life meant so little, that he decided to make it count just a bit more by becoming the self-proclaimed Messiah of a fake and disturbing religion based on the worship of kittens. Kittens, Lolcats, tigers, if its a feline, Godsown'll abase himself at their feets.

Eternal Rival....

Godsown's Eternal Rival (in his mind)is Hashasheen, recently of Caliphate fame, and working on a Strangers Story sure to knock the socks off of everyone! Hashasheen has gotten the better of Godsown on numerous occassions, and is something that he never fails at reminding his wannabe compadre. Besides that Hashasheen has influenced several other up and comers, from Doragon, Wolf, Lord Moogi, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, and Kane. Yes, THE Kane.

(Disclaimer: this Page is not to be taken seriously and was made at the request of Godsown1991 to Hashasheen, you may not edit Hashasheen's page in response for he will assassinate you, your dog and your crappy car that you haven't finished paying for.)

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