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The sexiest thing since sliced bread was painted black and giving a coat of white icing, more stylish than a Stylus on the Style show in Luton Style week, and gother than a black Sisters-of-Mercy-loving bat on a full-moon Saturday night in Leeds, Wanderlust is the answer to all your solutions.

British (of Irish, Indian, Cyborg and Goffick extraction) Wanderlust is actually a published writer, thought that was a long time ago. She's forgotten how to write AH since then, and wonders if maybe it was all a fluke. While the eagerly unawaited Irish Empire series moulders on a computer running Windows ME somewhere, she busies herself writing stories about mad men on trains and cheap Shadowrun knockoffs.

Wanderlust is something of a model. Most of her portfolio can be seen at her DeviantArt page. It has a flag counter, revealing apparently that she has a fan in Iraq, in Slovakia, and in Trinidad and Tobago). Being a MySpace slave is not without its dangers though. Maybe she'll tell you about them sometime.

Minor Items of Trivia

*Owns a pair of those Really High Heels ™ that everyone in fortyseven's posts to the Gorgeous Women thread wears.

*Was in a short series of adverts for MTV.

*Has been known to DJ a club here and there.

*Loves military equipment, vehicles, and camouflage. Wanda intends to be the first owner of a PECOC Desert DPM miniskirt anywhere in Britain. Also has been known to become sexually aroused at the sight of SA80-derivative assault rifles.

*Once had the honour of taking Sealion from Britain through to Germany. Much mystery surrounds the events that followed, and why only one photo was posted from this time.


* Britain

* Norway

* Canadia

* All of the above in wanked form

* Belgium-wank

* Goths

* Cyberpunks

* Dystopia

* Guns (especially SA80/L85 :D)

* Guinness

* Festivals in Germania

* Monarchy

* The Royal Navy

* Judge Dredd


* Short skirts

* High heels

* Makeup

* The hypothetical timeline where industrial music is acknowledged as supreme


* Republicans (of every stripe)

* Feminists

* Masculists

* Dogs

* Ireland

* The White House as it travels through time


* Emo

* Belgium


* Chavs

* Ameriwank

* Rap/Hip-hop

Started this page: Robert Conroy

Wanderlust's Works and Writings on

To Alien Shores... - A story concerning a 2019 Multinational Naval force brought to an alien world by unknown means. Contains many cameos.

Constable Robocop, Metropolitan Police - A very British Robocop

In Fiction

Played one of the main characters in Georgepatton's story Parallels, involved in a tempestuous, sordid affair with Araraya. While saving the world.

Has appeared twice in the The Series. Firstly as an evil space jewel-thief in the episode “DIAMOND WORLD” (available here), and secondly as Doctor Who's companion, in the “THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN, PART 1” (readable here).

Appears as Not-Eyecandy in The Next Generation.

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