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offtopic:ah.com_peerages Peerages

Unified system of nobility, assembled by Susano to unify all the claims to nobility scattered throughout various NPC and Chat threads. Paying homage to the widespread Anglophilia on the board it is loosely based on the system in the United Kingdom, with different peerages of different standing in the Order of precedence.

Although suspended by IAN like the rest of politics, elements of the Sandbox Republic (such as “Wolfpaw, Duke of Chicago”) support a reestablishment under the new regime.

Official Registrar of the Peerages

This can be found here. Should any Gentleman or Lady of think to have a credible claim to a noble title, they can register that claim there.

Order of Precedence

The Order of Precedence is a concept of some importance in matters of nobility and diplomacy, and is rigidly structured in the peerages. The first distinction is by title, hence dukes will always stand above the level shared by Landgraves, Margraves and Marquis', and those will always stand above counts and earls. For precedence within a title, the at the moment three peerages are ordered, with the British peerage ranking first, and the American peerage ranking second. Within titles and peerages, the various nobles are ordered according to the creation of their title, as listed here.

Also note the title of “Prince”, which actually has two meanings: The leader of a principality, or member of a royal family. In English the two meanings have a bit fused: Hence the Prince of Wales is Prince of the Principality of Wales, but leads the peerage because he is a royal prince. However, on the peerages, only the former meaning applies, and hence Princes rank lower than Dukes, and even lower than Marquis'.

In the grand precedence, though, of course not only nobility is included. Also included are the holders of the Great Offices of, the Ministers of the government and the Heads of Administration of the territories. At top of the Order of Precedence are the Supreme Leaders, Ian and the Overlord, followed by Archbishop of Evil. Then follow the Holders of the Great Offices (except for the Lowest Common Denominator and the Bearer of the Mantle of Eternal Noobishness), together with the Prime Minister and the leaders of the three peerages. The leaders of the Armed Forces and the Chancellor of the Exchequer rank below the Duke of Kent, who, together with the Duke of Mercia has the privilege of ranking higher as the only Dukes. The Heads of Administration of the territories rank below the British Dukes in order of creation of their territory, but above the other Dukes. The regular ministers rank just below the Dukes in general in order of their appearance on the government site, whereas the Ex-Presidents (in order of distance of their period, with the newest ex-president highest) and below them the courtesy ministers rank below the Princes and above the Counts. The Lowest Common Denominator and the Bearer of the Mantle of Eternal Noobishness rank below the Counts.

British AH.Com Peerage


  1. Thande, Duke of York
  2. Nekromans, Duke of Mercia
  3. Jason, Duke of Kent
  4. Landshark, Maharajah of Northumbria
  5. Xphile, Duke of Lancaster
  6. Birdy, Duke of Gloucester
  7. Zyzzyva, Duke of Aberdeen
  8. Black Angel, Duke of Sligo
  9. Sargon, Duke of Devonshire


  1. MrP, Emir of Cheshire
  2. Susano, Landgrave of East Anglia
  3. Thande, Marquis of Rockingham
  4. Leej, Marquis of Ulster
  5. Doeth, Marquis of Chester


  1. AE, Prince of Northern Wales
  2. Kitjed, Prince of Southern Wales
  3. Grey Wolf, Prince of Central Wales
  4. Ed Costello, Prince of Liverpool


  1. Jason, Earl of Surrey and Sussex
  2. Susano, Count of Bedorfd and Hertford
  3. The Bald Imposter, Jarl of Essex
  4. Hermanubis, Earl of Hampshire
  5. Birdy, Earl of Worcester
  6. Steffen, Earl of Lothian (vassal of Thande, Duke of York)
  7. Lord Insane, Earl of Sutherland
  8. Sargon, Earl of Sheffield
  9. Count Dearborn, Count of Dearborn
  10. DelawareWerewolf, Earl de la Warr
  11. Georgie87, Earl of Cambridge
  12. Atreus, Earl of Leicester (vassal of Nekromans, Duke of Mercia)
  13. Kojack, Jarl of Orkney (vassal of Lord Insane, Earl of Sutherland)
  14. Calgacus, Earl of Strathclyde
  15. 03771, Earl of Longford
  16. Wanderlust, Countess of Luton
  17. Hazazel, Earl of Hazel Grove
  18. OlafOlaf, Earl of Chelsea
  19. Gandavien, Earl of Oxford
  20. Caractacus, Earl of Shrewsbury
  21. Fortyseven, Earl of Sandwhich
  22. Colonelgoth, Earl of Mar
  23. Krall, Earl of Desmond

North American AH.Com Peerage


  1. Wolfpaw, Duke of Chicago
  2. Aussey, Duke of Indiana
  3. Luakel, Duke of Ohio
  4. Imajin, Duke of Massachusetts
  5. Landshark, Duke of Oregon
  6. Fortyseven, Duke of Maine
  7. Thande, Duke of Vermont
  8. Matt, Duke of New Jersey
  9. Othniel, Duke of Unita
  10. Dave Howery, Duke of Montana
  11. GBW, Duke of Rhode Island
  12. G.Bone, Duke of Hawaii
  13. Susano, Duke of Wisconsin
  14. Stalin Malone, Duke of Albany
  15. Hermanubis, Duke of Michigan
  16. Kidblast, Duke of Arkansas
  17. Midgard, Duke of Colorado
  18. Danielb1, Duke of Florida
  19. MrP, Duke of Pennsylvania
  20. Hobelhouse, Duke of New York
  21. Big Tex, Duke of Texas
  22. Ran Exilis, Duke of Nevada
  23. Archangel Michael, Duke of Nebraska
  24. Sargon, Duke of Ontario
  25. Doctor What, Duke of What and Ottawhat
  26. Canis Lupus, Duke of Delmarva
  27. Demosthenes, Duke of Georgia
  28. Evilmittens, Duke of Minnesota
  29. Shadow Knight, Duke of Illinois
  30. Rattlinger, Duke of Arizona
  31. Pudget Sound, Duke of Cascadia
  32. Euio, Duke of Virginia
  33. Atreus, Duke of the Dakotas
  34. Locke, Duke of Cuba
  35. BrianP, Duke of Louisiana
  36. Keenir, Duke of Piedmont
  37. Puget Sound, Duke of Atztlan

Landgrave/Margrave/Marquis/March Lord:

  1. Susano, Landgrave of the Upper Peninsula
  2. Kidblast, Marquis of Mississippi
  3. Alikichi, Shamangrave of Choctaw
  4. VulcanTrekkie, Marquis of New Hampshire
  5. Dan1988, Marquis of Connecticut
  6. Whatisausername, Marquis of Apalachicola
  7. Rex Britannae, Margrave of Bergen-Passaic
  8. Codae, Marquis of Indianapolis and Associated Communities
  9. Caesar, Marquis of Chippewa Valley (vassal of Susano, Duke of Wisconsin)
  10. Huck, Marquis of Scottsdale
  11. MrJ, Marquis of Augusta (Australia)
  12. Cockroach, Landgrave of Tasmania (Australia)
  13. Doug, Marquis of Waco
  14. robertp6165, Margrave of New Mexico
  15. Blizrun, Margrave of Upper New York
  16. Demonkangaroo, March Lord of the Till Plains
  17. Atreus, Marquis of New Hamphshire
  18. Canis Lupus, Margrave of the Hudson Bay
  19. Torqumada, Margrave of South Carolina
  20. Jared, Margrave of Wilkinson


  1. Flocculencio, Prince of New York City
  2. EvolvedSaurian, Prince of New Eboracum
  3. SleepholicAgent, Prince of New Gascony
  4. Ran Exilis, Prince of Las Vegas
  5. Black Angel, Prince of Portland
  6. ForeignShadow, Prince of New Saxony
  7. Kidblast, Prince of Paarl
  8. TimKeck84, Prince of Philadelphia
  9. Locke, Prince of Nebraska
  10. Psychomeltdown, Prince of the Navajo
  11. Euio, Prince of Goodall


  1. Ofaloaf, Count of Huron
  2. Kidblast, Earl of Alabama
  3. FrolicsomeQuipster, Count of New Amsterdam (vassal of Hobelhouse, Duke of New York)
  4. Whatisausername, Count of Duval
  5. MerryPranskter, Count of Baltimore
  6. Ed Costello, Earl of Kalamazoo
  7. Susano, Count of Cerro Gordo
  8. AHF, Count of Washington-Columbia
  9. LightInfa, Earl of Richmond
  10. Count Dearborn, Count of Dearborn
  11. Black Angel, Earl of Bridgewater
  12. demonkangaroo, Earl of Allegheny
  13. VulcanTrekkie, Earl of Essex
  14. Zajir, Count of the Aleutians
  15. Baron von Feldspar, Earl of Toronto (vassal of Sargon, Duke of Ontario)
  16. ImperialVienna, Count of Lehigh (vassal of MrP, Duke of Pennsylvania)
  17. OAM47, Count of Springfield (vassal of Shadow Knight, Duke of Illinois)
  18. Detroitman32, Count of Detroit (vassal of Hermanubis, Duke of Michigan)
  19. BrianP, Count of the Shoalhaven
  20. Uber_Amoeba, Earl of Regina
  21. Atreus, Earl of Saginaw
  22. Locke, Earl of Mackinac
  23. Zyzzyva, Earl of Waterloo
  24. LightInfa, Earl of Chesterfield
  25. LordGratton, Earl of Keweenaw
  26. OlafOlaf, Earl of Chelsea
  27. Solomaxwell, Count of Saratoga
  28. Jaydoh, Count of Des Moines
  29. Iori, Jarl of Everett
  30. Wolf, Count of Albuquerque
  31. CJMiller, Count of Orlando
  32. LadyCowles, Countess of Los Angeles
  33. RCAF Brat, Count of Strathcona

German Peerage


  1. Habsburg, (Arch-)Duke of Austria
  2. Gladi, Duke of Bohemia
  3. Steffen, Duke of Swabia
  4. Kabraloth, Duke of Lotharingia
  5. Euio, Duke of Teschen
  6. AE, Duke of Styria
  7. Arctic Warrior, Duke of Schleswig and Holstein
  8. Pompejus, Duke of Guelders
  9. Glen, Duke of Weimar
  10. Pkmatrix, Duke of South Prussia


  1. Susano, Landgrave of Hesse
  2. Euio, (Vicearch-)Landgrave of the Alsace
  3. Oberdada, Margrave of Brandenburg


  1. Stevep, Prince of Liege
  2. Gladi, Prince of Brightday
  3. Faeelin, Prince of Peace
  4. Emperor Quianlong, Prince of Cologne
  5. TheDarkServant, Prince of Hell
  6. Theodoric, Prince of Utrecht
  7. Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, Prince of Transylvania
  8. Archangel, Prince of Heaven
  9. A Person, Prince of Regensburg


  1. Maxsinister, Count of Marburg
  2. Alayta, Count of Nassau
  3. Chingo, Count of Wied and Sayn
  4. Susano, Count of Königstein
  5. Baron von Feldspar, Count of Feldspar
  6. Magnificate, Count of Danzig
  7. Abdul Hadi Pasha, Count of Frankfurt Central Station
  8. ImperialVienna, (Princely) Count of Tyrol

Chinese Peerage

Kung (Dukes)

  1. Sargon, Kung of Canton, Hubei, Hunan & Hainan
  2. Susano, Kung of Shanghai & Zheijiang
  3. Analytical Engine, Kung of Henan

Hou (Marquis)

  1. Sargon, Hou of Hong Kong
  2. Sargon, Hou of Wuhan
  3. Bishop, Hou of Hainan
  4. Analytical Engine, Hou of Shanxi
  5. Analytical Engine, Hou of Shaanxi
  6. General Mungs Bean, Hou of Yanbian
  7. Hendryk, Hou of Nanjing

Po (Earl/Count)

  1. Sargon, Po of Macau
  2. Analytical Engine, Po of Beijing
  3. Analytical Engine, Po of Tanjin
  4. Analytical Engine, Po of Xi'an

Shi (Viscount)

  1. kojak, Shi of Wuhan

Nan (Barons)

  1. Bishop, Nan of Macau
  2. Jonathan Kan, Nan of Hong Kong

International Peerage


  1. Kojack, Duke of Bourbon
  2. LordInsane, Duke of Bohuslän
  3. Special K, Duke of Karelia
  4. don_giorgio, Duke of Athens


  1. Maharajah, Rajah of New Edenland


  1. Leo Caseius, Prince of Mesene and Elymais
  2. Abdul Hadi Pascha, Prince of both Kabardas


  1. Olafolaf, Count of Sarejevo
  2. Atreus, Count of Flanders and Artois
  3. Kojack, Count of Barcelona
  4. Something, Earl of Muscovy
  5. Gonzaga, Count of Porto Alegre
  6. CommunistWizard, Count by Volga
  7. Admiral Brown, Count of Buenos Aires
  8. Torqumada, Count of Valladolid
  9. Thermopylae, Count of Thermopylae
  10. LordInsane, Count of Alvhemmen
  11. OlafOlaf, Earl of Olafsfjord
  12. Helltanz98, Count of Siena

Lords Spiritual

  1. Doctor What, Messiah of Whatianity
  2. Thande, Messiah of Thandislam
  3. Analytical Engine, Messiah of the Robot Revolt Spiritual
  4. Flocculencio, Caliph of Goatism
  5. Luakel, Archbishop of Reformed Sheepism
  6. Susano, Archbishop of Orthodox Sheepism
  7. Hendryk, Archbishop of Whatianity
  8. Torqumada, Grandmaster of the Heterosexual Reconquista (Boobist Branch)
  9. MrP, Grandmaster of the Heterosexual Reconquista (Keiranian Branch)
  10. Burton K Wheeler, Archbishop of Baldianism
  11. fortyseven, Archbishop of Bahaianism
  12. Hazazel, Archbishop of Vodkaism and Giant Beeism
  13. Haggis, Archbishop of Whahaism
  14. Locke, Archbishop of the Robot Revolt Spiritual
  15. Atom, Archbishopf of Mapism Order of Precedence

To be revamped

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