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Board member who arrived in the February of 2006, and so was always referred to as a n00b, in much the same fashion as luakel. Most commonly known, ES, he is a 17 year-old male. A dedicated Reconquistador, he worships Torqumada for his ability to find pictures of oiled-up, semi-naked women that Ian usually allows. Thande says ES is his friend, which had the same effect as the idea of annexing Canada (extreme joy). (Thande claims that ES has somehow found a way of being annoying in a way that makes you like him). ES is also known for his deadpan humour. He has been called, due to his love of Ireland, a Plastic Paddy, a title that he has embraced.

ES often draws attention to the inordinate number of Scandinavians on the board, suggesting a conspiracy is at work. Never spell his name with a space. Or as 'Evolved-NoSpace-Saurian' either. However, he has not yet raised any objection to UnderEvolvedReptile, UnderEvolvedLizard or DevolvedSparrow. It seems he is operating under the theory that if he doesn't raise any objections, people will eventually stop doing it.

Whahaeism is a co-creation of Haggis and ES.

EvolvedSaurian has recently surprised and shocked everyone with his most unexpected coming-out as bisexual. He is also the archnemesis of BlackMage. CountDearborn likes to annoy ES. It is also rumored that ES is really a duck. Michael is as yet unavailable for comment on this subject.

He was in exile from August '07 to May '08 due to reasons unmentionable. They did not involve Mexican prostitutes, no matter the rumors.

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