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North American board member who joined the board back in December 2008.

Vultan is a science fiction fan, particularly of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate.

He is well known for his positive sense of humor and enjoys pop-culture oriented TLs and WIs.

At present, Vultan is on indefinite hiatus from the board for personal reasons.


His enjoyment for popculture timelines led to the point where he created the Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread to catalogue all of them. He has also written some popculture-related timelines of his own:

The Power and the Glitter - Arguably one of the pioneering popcultural timelines on the board. What if a film adaptation of Alan Moore's and David Gibbons' graphic novel Watchmen was created already during the early 1990s ? How would the divergences in that change the face of popular culture in the following two decades ? Read the TL to find out. ;)

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