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August Akuma


Formally known as August Sonereal, and later, Lord Genome, August Akuma is a Gamer, Anime Fan, and a high school student in the Midwestern United States.


He is regarded as a highly creative thinker, writer and dreamer. AA has the minor misfortune of having many more ideas then he can ever hope to flesh out, but those that do become interesting topics in their own right. These include:

The History of Mecha

A project started recently in the Alien Space Bats and Other Magic board, its goal is to follow the evolution of “mecha” since World War I.

American Gladiators with a LOT help from Blue_Max

Another group effort started by Lord Genome. While often regarded as Genomes's work, most of the actually story and timeline came from Blue Max himself with some input from Lord Genome.

World Domination

An idea that never really took off the ground. A bit too ambitious really. The idea was that each player would take the role of a vampire. The game has some elements of an RPG in that you put points into one of several traits (or none in a trait, to put more in another), and battle for control of the world. As the game progressed, the scope would as well as Vampires began to take over corporations, become mayors or governors, or even leaders of a country.

The Original Awesome Project

The Original Awesome Project was another group project with notable contributions from Lord Genome, Blue Max, and Codae. However, it was open to anyone (unlike the later Awesome Project which had a minimum word limit). In the story, an evil mastermind bent on world domination is activly planning on how he will do so. However, the Russians discover a Stargate which they use to take over American nuclear silos and other government and military instalations. Its later revealed that Putin was trying to “Unite the World to Save It” and united Russia and America to become the most powerful nation on Earth.

It wasn't without problems though. Putin, before the story was forgotten, was assassinated and America is thrown into Chaos. Meanwhile, Canadian terrorists blow up nuclear power plants (with nukes) in several area in Canada and the Eastern Seaboard.

Harry and the Warhammer40k

Harry and Warhammer40k is Akuma's newest project. After reading a discussion in chat about whether or not there should be an eighth Harry Potter book, Akuma decided to revive an older idea he had and began to write the story. Right now, the story stays close to the original events of the first two chapters of the book but as it goes on, the story will diverge as Harry's new personality begans to take off.

On AH.Com, Genome authored a episode of The Next Generation, namely “Black Moon Over Virginia” and the “The Great Identity Caper”.

Comments from August

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Notable Quotes

I'm glad somebody doesn't have to suck the entire universe into an event horizon to just invade the USA…

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