Alternate Electoral Maps III

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    2000 Election

    Senator John McCain (Republican-Arizona)/Representative John Kasich (Republican-Ohio) 277 Electoral Votes
    Vice President Al Gore (Democratic-Tennessee)/Senator John Kerry (Democratic-Massachusetts) 260 Electoral Votes

    2004 Election

    President John McCain (Republican-Arizona)/Vice President John Kasich (Republican-Ohio) 392 Electoral Votes
    Former Governor Howard Dean (Democratic-Vermont)/Senator Joe Biden (Democratic-Delaware) 146 Electoral Votes

    2008 Election

    Senator Hillary Clinton (Democratic-New York)/Governor Bill Richardson (Democratic-New Mexico) 297 Electoral Votes
    Vice President John Kasich (Republican-Ohio)/Former Governor Mitt Romney (Republican-Massachusetts) 241 Electoral Votes

    2012 Election

    Former Governor Mitt Romney (Republican-Massachusetts)/Governor Brian Sandoval (Republican-Nevada) 296 Electoral Votes
    President Hillary Clinton (Democratic-New York)/Vice President Bill Richardson (Democratic-New Mexico) 242 Electoral Votes
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    How to have Jimmy Carter win in 1980 with as least amount of votes as possible
    President Jimmy Carter (Democratic-Georgia)/Vice President Walter Mondale (Democratic-Minnesota) 272 Electoral Votes, 37,631,843 votes, 43.00%
    Former Governor Ronald Reagan (Republican-California)/Former Director of Central Intelligence George H.W. Bush (Republican-Texas) 266 Electoral Votes, 41,751,502 votes, 48.26%
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    I guess that Jimmy broke that whole texas thing then
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    I wonder what greatness Carter would offer or how much Reagan would piss off the middle states to give Carter Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, both Dakotas and Alaska. I get it is a what if, but still fun to imagine
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    The final, and most populated, state - Media California!

    There'll be other stuff down the line, but this one will be the final "regular state update".

    The Seventh Party System: Part LXVII
    Map of the United States
    Part I - Metropotamia
    Part II - Alta California
    Part III - North Carolina
    Part IV - New Jersey
    Part V - Adams
    Part VI - Alabama
    Part VII - Rhode Island
    Part VIII - Sequoyah
    Part IX - Assenisipia
    Part X - East Florida
    Part XI - Tennessee
    Part XII - Kansas
    Part XIII - Dakota
    Part XIV - Arizona
    Part XV - Delaware
    Part XVI - Oregon
    Part XVII - Ozark
    Part XVIII - New Hampshire
    Part XIX - Western Connecticut
    Part XX - New York
    Part XXI - Santo Domingo
    Part XXII - South Carolina
    Part XXIII - Baja California
    Part XXIV - Chersonesus
    Part XXV - Canal Zone Territory
    Part XXVI - West Florida
    Part XXVII - Missouri
    Part XXVIII - Colorado
    Part XXIX - Trinidad and Tobago
    Part XXX - Pennsylvania
    Part XXXI - Wisconsin
    Part XXXII - Lincoln
    Part XXXIII - Deseret
    Part XXXIV - Platte
    Part XXXV - Kiribati
    Part XXXVI - New Mexico
    Part XXXVII - Maine
    Part XXXVIII - Alaska
    Part XXXIX - Hamilton
    Part XXXX - Mississippi
    Part XXXXI - North Virginia
    Part XXXXII - Bioko
    Part XXXXIII - Hawaii
    Part XXXXIV - Louisiana
    Part XXXXV - Seward
    Part XXXXVI - Illinoia
    Part XXXXVII - Georgia
    Part XXXXVIII - Columbia
    Part XXXXIX - Maryland
    Part L - Texas
    Part LI - District of Columbia
    Part LII - Vermont
    Part LIII - Yazoo
    Part LIV - Jefferson
    Part LV - Virgin Islands
    Part LVI - Washington
    Part LVII - Puerto Rico
    Part LVIII - Kentucky
    Part LIX - Massachusetts
    Part LX - South Virginia
    Part LXI - Arkansas
    Part LXII - Saratoga
    Part LXIII - Connecticut
    Part LXIV - Nickajack
    Part LXV - Indiana
    Part LXVI - Polypotamia
    Part LXVII - Media California

    Labor Coalition
    Democrats and Social Credit
    Hispanos Unidos and Allies

    Political Positions of State Governments


    Original DeviantArt Post Here

    Media California is a juggernaut of a state, being the most populated state in the Union with close to 30 million inhabitants. It is also an extremely diverse state, with Non-Hispanic whites making up around 32% of the population and Hispanics making up over 47% of the population. Being the largest state on the "Left Coast" Media California is very much a Progressive leaning state, however adaptions by the more conservative elements have allowed for the state to be more competitive than its northern or southern counterparts.

    Similarly to Alta California the Republican party was the dominant force in the state prior to the 1980s, not only among rural whites but also suburban whites in San Bernardino, Orange County, and San Diego. However, while the 1980s was an era of national domination for the Grand Old Party, which regularly won elections in Midwestern states like Assenisipia and even Upper South states like Kentucky the rise of the Progressive party lead to their decline on what would by the 1990s be known as the "Left Coast." The inability of Republican free market economics to solve the AIDS crisis, newfound concern for the environment which went against the GOP's ideal of cutting regulations, as well as growing immigration from both Latin America and Asia all combined to lead to a sharp decline in the Republican parties of the West Coast and their subsequent replacement by the Progressives.

    While the death spiral of the Republican party in Media California began in 1982 with the election of Tom Bradley it was the election of 1998 put the final nail in the coffin. This election saw the GOP attempt to stir up anti-immigrant sentiment by proposing a ban on any state assistance to illegal immigrants. Such an exclusionary act in a state whose economy was built on the backs of immigrants proved to be extremely unpopular and resulted in the Republican party losing dozens of seats, ending up with only seven representatives left in the House. Now on the brink of extinction decided to do the unthinkable and entered talks with Hispanos Unidos to discuss merging their two parties to form a viable right-wing alternative to the Progressive hegemony. Seeing how the Progressives had by this point in time ruled Media California uninterrupted for 16 years the name for their new party was chosen to be the Progressive Conservatives, showing to voters that they were moderates who still wanted to progress society forward while at the same time holding certain conservative values.

    The new Progressive Conservatives immediately began to surge with the FPTP seats in the Senate particularly benefiting the united conservative front far more than the divided one that had existed before, and in the 2002 election they were finally able to take back the governor's office with the help of the Democrats and Asian Action. Before they came into power, however, the Progressives decided to take a page out of the New Mexican government and implement language boards that would include every language which over one percent of the population spoke. The Progressives believed that with their diverse voter base, especially among Asians, this would lead to the Language Boards becoming a solid lock on their power, and thus not only were language boards given one (or two for the largest two) senators but also given a separate veto power with just a simple majority of total Language Board reps, which given the disproportional method of representatives gave great power to smaller languages. However, contrary to the Progressives' belief these language boards were not a solid lock for them, as not only did individual language board parties develop but also the Progressive Conservatives and even Democrats began to adapt to this new situation and began to contest the LB seats. Throughout the 00s the PCs continued to grow, making the Hispanic board, through its Hispanos Unidos affiliate, Arabic board, and Armenian boards strongholds of power, and even gaining an absolute majority in the House in the 2008 election, though their voteshare eventually collapsed again following the Second Great Depression. Since then the Progressives have continued their rule as Media California's largest party, but as the Second Great Depression continues without much improvement the Progressives' support has been slowly dripping away again.

    Just as in other parts of the "Left Coast" the 2018 election saw the Progressive party taking major losses, with much of the support going to the Progressive Conservatives, but also to Asian Action and Partido Revolucionario as racial tensions have begun to flare up by those who blame other races for their economic problems. This resulted in the Progressive Green government losing their majority in the House, though they did manage to maintain it in the Senate. Thus, while the Progressive Conservatives did manage to gain triple digit seats for the first time since the Second Great Depression a Progressive lead government was still inevitable, even if it might take some difficult negotiation. Finally, after a few months the Progressives managed to reach a supply and confidence agreement with the Partido Revolucionario, giving labor unions more bargaining power and special funding to Chicano non-profits in exchange for their votes. However, this alliance remains fragile, with a vocal minority of Partido Revolucionario being opposed to any compromise with the "colonizer" whites and Asians and many of the Progressive black and Asian members being unsettled by the idea of working with ethnic separatist. Yet with no other combinations being mathematically possible those unhappy with the deal will have be content at this supply and confidence agreement.

    Progressive/Progresista/Progresibo/Jinbu/Al-Taqaddum/etc - The largest party in Media California, in this election they only narrowly came ahead of the Progressive Conservative with 105 seats to the PC's 100. However with their reliable base of Southeast Asians, African-Americans, and urbanites generally they still remain a formidable force that has been able to still cling to power.
    Greens/Verdes - A fairly left wing branch of the greens, while they may be slightly to the left of the Progressives on Environmental issues they are behind on racial issues and the majority of their voterbase consists of middle class socially liberal Anglo whites. Due to their close political positions the party has become very closely linked with the Progressives, and ever since the Second Great Depression have become more or less the richer and whiter extension of the Progressive party.

    Partido Revolucionario - A party for working class Latinos, the Media California Partido Revolucionario is unique for having a large section of ethnic nationalists who believe in the creation of a Chicano state called Aztlan. Aztlan would cover all the US states formerly controlled by Mexico and be populated by only the Mestizos and Indios who hold an ancestral right to the land, while all the "colonizer" whites, blacks, and Asians would be deported back to their home countries. In the past this radical Chicano section drove most Mexican-Americans in Media California away to more conciliatory parties like the Progressives or Hispanos Unidos, but with the Second Great Depression continuing without an end in sight more and more Mexican-Americans have begun to support this Chicano movement and resent the privileged positions of Asians and whites. However, with the Progressive government now giving millions of dollars in grant money to Chicano cultural institutions that praise the history of Mestizos and Indios in the American Southwest the more moderate separatists have all calmed down for the time being.

    Progressive Conservative/Conservador Progresista/Konserbatibo Progresibo/Jinbu Baoshou/Al-Taqaddum Al-Muhafiz/etc - The second largest party in Media California, they are a combination party of the Republicans and Hispanos Unidos providing a moderately conservative opposition to the Progressives. They are also descendant from the Dewey tradition of Republicans and are welcoming of immigrants and have adapted to become even more welcoming than the Dewey Republicans with their open embrace of a multilingual Media California. Their main support base comes from the rural and suburban regions of the state, with strongholds in Southern Orange County and the plains north of Los Angeles.
    Democrats/Democratas/Demokratiko/Minzhu/Al-Dymqr/etc - The other main conservative party in Media California, they are dominated by the Pact of Christ which believes in religious conservatism over racial chauvinism. This has allowed the party to capture the votes of Christians of all backgrounds, though most of their support still comes from white Anglos.
    Partido de Dios - A party for Protestant Hispanics, they preach the evils of the white man, heretical Catholics, and godless socialists. They have managed to carve out a sizable stronghold in the city of Tijuana and have declared several barrios of the city to be "LGBT-free."
    Asian Action - The party for centrist Asian Americans, their voter base consists of richer Asians who often come from the more developed inner sphere of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere as well as the EAPS allied state of Bharat. Priding itself upon moral purity and fiscal discipline they find themselves more or less allied with the Progressive Conservatives when it comes to most issues except for the fact that Asian Action continues to uncritically uphold the EAPS's every action.
    United Left/Izquierda Unida/Nagkakaisang Kaliwa/Lianhe Zuoyi/Al-Mutahidat Al-Yasariu - The main leftist party of America the United Left consists of an united front of everyone from democratic socialists to Trotskyists to Marxist-Leninist-Guevarists to Anarchists. The only major faction excluded from the party are Marxist-Leninists, due to the mass unpopularity of the USSR among Americans across the political spectrum. Nevertheless, most of the United Left representatives uphold revolution as their end goal and refuse to enter any bourgeois governments, except in the case of their Alaskan affiliates. While a plurality of their members are Latinx they also have significant support among blacks, whites, and Asians with all of their factions agreeing to a common platform of racial equality on the basis of intersectionality.
    First People's Party/Partido de Primeros Pueblos - The party for centrist Native Americans, in the state of Media California, just as neighboring Baja California and Arizona, the majority of Native Americans prefer to speak Spanish over English, thus leading to them contesting on the Spanish Language Board as opposed to the English Language Board as their New Mexican branch does. While Native Americans do compose a somewhat significant proportion of the population at 1.9%, due to the prevailing two party system that has arisen between the Progressives and Progressive Conservatives their party is often ignored and forgotten.
    Black Panther Party - A black nationalist and socialist party, they managed to double their seat share in the House following the 2018 election with more and more African Americans, especially among Millennials and Gen Z, seeing the Progressives as too weak and corrupt to get anything done for the black community. However their support still remains rather low as the Progressive governments have been able to prevent any race riots from breaking out in the city of Los Angeles unlike what has occurred in other cities such as St Louis, Phoenix, and Chicago.
    Phalanges (Al-Kataeb) - A party for Lebanese Maronite ultra-nationalists, they draw upon the ideology of the Spanish general who failed to overthrow the Spanish Republic in a 1936 coup attempt, Falangism. Under such an ideology the main Phalanges party back in Beirut turned Lebanon into an ethnostate for the descendants of the "Lebanese people" who they define to only include Maronite Arabs, expelling all Sunnis, Shias, Greek Catholics, Armenians, and Druze from their nation. However, following the overthrow of the United Arab Republic by the American government in 2001 Lebanon has once again become a battlefield as their Phalangist government has unsuccessfully attempted to not only keep out UAR refugees but also annex UAR lands under the claim that it had been originally occupied by the ancestors of the "Lebanese people", the Phoenicians, and so the Lebanese people were only now rightly retaking what land the Arab invaders had stolen from them thousands of years ago. In America their politics remain extremely right wing in terms of social and economic issues while on foreign policy they constantly lobby for the US government to re-intervene in the UAR on the behalf of the Lebanese side of that multi-dimensional civil war.
    Armenian Revolutionary Front (Hay Yeghapvokhakan Dashnaktsutyun) - A party for Armenian nationalists, unlike their Phalanges counterparts they occupy the left side of the political spectrum, upholding a democratic socialist ideology and believing in the freeing of the Armenian SSR from the shackles of "Soviet state capitalism." They also hold a very big grudge with the Phalanges, for their systematic removal of all Armenians from Lebanon, an ethnic cleansing that lead hundreds of thousands of Armenians to flee to America, many of which congregated around the city of Glendale in Los Angeles county, to the point where that city is now 68.2% Armenian. During the 00s the ARF was temporarily banned as a political party following a FBI investigation that found top ARF politicians siphoning campaign funds to the Armenian Secret Army that had killed American servicemen in the UAR but following the lift of their ban the ARF has slowly been able to rebuild support among the Armenian diaspora.
    Hispanos Unidos - An affiliate party of the Progressive Conservatives, they run solely in Media California's Spanish Language Board for the purposes of trying to unite all Hispanics in the state under their banner. Their support comes mainly from Hispanics in rural and suburban areas, as well as more upper class or socially conservative Hispanics.
    Kuomintang - The Asian Action affiliate for the Mandarin Language Board, they take their name after the ruling party of the Chinese provinces of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere. Being a subsidiary of Asian Action they differ only from the main policy platform by emphasizing the rights for Chinese people and Mandarin speakers, which are far more numerous than Cantonese speakers in Media California.
    Daehan Gukmin Dang - The Asian Action affiliate for the Korean Language Board, they take their name after the ruling party in the Korean provinces of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere. Like with the KMT they follow Asian Action policies but also tend to show more support for Christianity given the fact that most Koreans are Protestant.
    People's Justice Party (Hizb Eadalat Al-Shaeb/Hizb Eadalat Khalq) - A Muslim anti-imperialist party that claims to be left wing but also has troubling links to Islamists powers, they are popular among those who are or sympathize with the Muslim refugees of the UAR civil war as well as those Persians who hate the current Persian monarchy and wish to have an Islamic Republic installed there instead.
    Nacionalista - The Asian Action affiliate for the Tagalog Language Board, they take their name after the ruling party in the Filipino provinces of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere. They are also very similar to Daehan Gukmin Dang because many Filipinos are Catholic.
    Forward (Xiangqian) - An eccentric party founded by the prolific entrepreneur Elon Yang, it is a political party which claims to be neither left, nor right, but forward. They fight not only for greater rights of Chinese people in the state of Media California, but also for a Universal Basic Income that Yang claims would help everyone in the state. Unlike Asian Action, Forward is a bit more skeptical of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere, however they still agree with the Progressives and Progressive Conservatives that trade with this bloc is crucial and beneficially to the American economy.
    Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang - The Asian Action affiliate for the Vietnamese Language Board, they take their name after the ruling party in the Filipino provinces of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere. Like with the other Asian affiliate parties they follow Asian Action policies but also tend to show more support for Buddhism given the fact that most Vietnamese are Buddhist.
    People's Mujahedin of Iran (Mojahedin-e Khlaq-e Iran) - A Shia Islamist Marxist party that claims communism was actually first invented by the Third Shia Imam Husayn ibn Ali in 680 CE during his stand against Sunni oppression. They have consistently advocated for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Persia, which they criticize for being an authoritarian and secular monarchy backed by American imperialists and wish to establish an Islamic Democratic People's Republic in its place where all will be equal under Sharia Law. They have many ties to the Islamic Republic of Tyre and are suspected by many to be funneling money into Tyre backed Shia jihadists, but this is a claim the PMI fervently denies.

    Credit for the basemap goes to Chicxulub.
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    The Fixed Point in Time Known as Iowa
    It's beautiful. Can't wait for the county map.
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    The Fixed Point in Time Known as Iowa
    Here's the state map of what party each state's government is dominated by. SPS Parties.png
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    On that Gravy Train
    Could you send me the individual state margins? I'd love to create a county map for this at some point.
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    What an incredible series this has been!
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    All the states that flipped to Carter have a margin of 1 vote in favor of Carter. Have fun!
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    So the states that stay with Reagan don't change at all from the actual results, right?
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    yes, and the same applies to the ones that went with carter in 1980 irl (GA, WV, MD, MN, RI, HI, DC)
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    1976 Election
    1976 Reagan.PNG
    Former Governor Ronald Reagan (Republican-California)/Senator Richard Schweiker (Republican-Pennsylvania) 359 electoral votes, 42,891,831 votes, 51.08%
    Former Governor Jimmy Carter (Democratic-Georgia)/Senator Walter Mondale (Democratic-Minnesota) 179 electoral votes, 39,667,386 votes, 47.24%
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    The Italian Communist Party's best national result in a general election (34.37% in 1976) vs Christian Democracy's worst national result in a general election (29.66% in 1992), province by province and region by region. All other parties are ignored, hence how PCI wins with like 15% in South Tyrol. The PCI has a 4.71% lead nationally.

    In the Chamber of Deputies, the PCI encroach upon DC's traditional regions in the northern and central parts of the country, as well as urban areas in both the north and south. They win all of Piedmont and Liguria except Cuneo (where DC wins 30% to PSI's paltry 15%), and take many peripheral areas of the northeast, among them provinces home to the major cities of Milan, Venice, and Trieste. The communists naturally sweep nearly every province in the Red Triangle, though the Christian democrats record a narrow win in their traditional stronghold of Lucca. In the provinces of Marche, the PCI win all but Macerata; they also take areas in northern Abruzzo, a traditionally safe DC region. In Lazio, Rome and Viterbo both swing to the communists. Many parts of the south actually vote more strongly for DC in 1992 than 1976, particularly Molise, Campania outside Naples, and parts of Sicily. Overall, though, the PCI is able to pick up several urban provinces, namely Naples, Foggia, Brindisi, and Taranto. In the islands, they win Ragusa in Sicily and Cagliara and Nuoro in Sardinia.

    In the Senate, the PCI scores several narrow but significant pluralities in Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, Sardinia, and Calabaria (the latter despite not winning any pluralities in Calabria in the Chamber of Deputies). They win 12 of 20 provinces, with DC hanging on in most of its strongest regions in the northeast and south.

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    A bare minimum electoral college victory going from top to bottom. I used the democrats in this case because lets be totally honest, a democrat is more likely to pull this off than a republican, at least today. There is a good chance that the person who did this would probably lose the popular vote by a larger percentage than ever before of EV winners. This also gives a answer on the most states somebody can win but lose overall: 38
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    Douglas wins every state he lost by less than 10 percent

    I would think that since in this case, he would almost certainly win the popular vote, and would lead in the electoral vote, he would be picked as president as a 'compromise'
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    Give Michigan to the Dems and Washington and Virginia to the Republicans, and the Dems still win with 270, while the Republicans carry 39 states and DC.
  18. MorganKingsley Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2018
    Oh wow, you're right. I totally missed that. But yeah, that even further exploits the point of how brutal something like this could theoretically be given the right -or wrong depending on perspective- situation
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    Yea lol, the electoral college is very exploitative

  20. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Oh and i decided to make a county map for this minimal electoral college victory