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    Nickajack is ruled by the Democrats as of 2016, though it flips back and forth between them and Labor. While I doubt I'll make maps for every single party I plan to make maps of the Republicans and Democrats at the very least. And with counties like Winston I might make them more sympathetic to Labor, though then again with the Democrats having surged in the 2016 election of this timeline it'll probably be Democratic in the map I make of it.

    Not to give too much away, but so far what I have planned out for Hawaii will involve the Progressives as a minor party in that state, with more radical parties on both ends of the spectrum being dominant instead.

    And speaking of radical parties, this next map will feature a rather interesting one:

    The Seventh Party System: Part XXXV
    Map of the United States
    Part I - Metropotamia
    Part II - Alta California
    Part III - North Carolina
    Part IV - New Jersey
    Part V - Adams
    Part VI - Alabama
    Part VII - Rhode Island
    Part VIII - Sequoyah
    Part IX - Assenisipia
    Part X - East Florida
    Part XI - Tennessee
    Part XII - Kansas
    Part XIII - Dakota
    Part XIV - Arizona
    Part XV - Delaware
    Part XVI - Oregon
    Part XVII - Ozark
    Part XVIII - New Hampshire
    Part XIX - Western Connecticut
    Part XX - New York
    Part XXI - Santo Domingo
    Part XXII - South Carolina
    Part XXIII - Baja California
    Part XXIV - Chersonesus
    Part XXV - Canal Zone Territory
    Part XXVI - West Florida
    Part XXVII - Missouri
    Part XXVIII - Colorado
    Part XXIX - Trinidad and Tobago
    Part XXX - Pennsylvania
    Part XXXI - Wisconsin
    Part XXXII - Lincoln
    Part XXXIII - Deseret
    Part XXXIV - Platte

    Kiribati is the second most far-flung territory of the United States, next to that of Bioko, and serves as America's forward operating base against the East Asian Prosperity Sphere. It is also the least populated territory, with less than 84,000 permanent residents, along with a sizable detachment of around 4600 military personnel. Yet for a territory which rarely ever sees any interesting elections, the election of 2018 would bring it national attention.

    Originally a protectorate of the French, after WWII the Japanese conquered it from the French and it would remain in Japanese hands until the Battle of Kiribati during WWIII. Despite the use of suicidal charge tactics by the ruthless Field Marshal MacArthur the island would only relent to the British-American forces after two bloody weeks which saw four Allied men die for every Entente soldier. Nevertheless, this battle marked a crucial turning point in the Pacific theater of WWIII as being the first time the Allies stepped foot on pre-war Japanese soil, showing just how far the Allies had come since the Japanese invasion of Australia. After the war this island would become American soil as the rest of Micronesia was placed under Chinese occupation.

    Being a forward operating base of the US ever since the start of the Cold War, the island has always seen a significant American occupying force. However for the most part the citizens of the islands would welcome this protection, even more so after they were granted a territorial legislature in the 60s. As such the only significant party in the state had been just the National Union party, with most other candidates being independents.

    Yet all this would start to change after 2016, when a party called the Pillars of Truth was formed by Anote Tong as a pro-independence party which denounced the corrupt and militaristic nature of the National Union party. When the party gained only a meager four seats in the 2016 election, most were willing to write the party off, confident that they would never be able to force the National Union under 50% of the vote share, let alone gain a plurality.

    The Unionists' overconfidence would prove itself to be quite foolish when hackers leaked the Banaba papers, which detailed how the US military secretly tested experimental biological weapons on the native inhabitants of Banaba island in the 50s, leading to the death of its 339 inhabitants. With the whole having been covered up as an unfortunate typhoon disaster the Pillars of Truth party used this evidence to show the evil imperialist ways of the US Armed Forces, and by extension the National Union party.

    With the election less than 3 months away the National Union party went into damage control, proclaiming their ignorance of any such atrocities carried out by top secret Pentagon research divisions. But the truth was soon revealed when hackers released yet another set stolen top secret files, naming the current Treasurer of Kiribati as one of the soldiers who had carried out the operation. This forced the National Union to condemn the Treasurer's actions and he voluntarily resigned from the position, however as the election drew closer and closer, more and more documents were leaked by hackers detailing the various crimes of current National Union members of government, from petty bribery and sexual misconduct to millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars stolen through mass embezzlement. By the end of October, 22 of the 24 sitting National Union state representatives had been accused of crimes and the Pillars of Truth party was a national sensation with activists starting a campaign called "Kiribati 2017" in support of Kiribati freedom.

    With less than a week to the election the Director of the FBI Comey James Sr. came out in a public speech to warn the people of Kiribati not to vote for the Pillars of Truth because multiple intelligence agencies were currently investigating their possible links to East Asian operatives. However such claims were shouted down by the Pillars of Truth party as "Imperialist propaganda" and Anote Tong personally called James a racist for suggesting that Tong, a descendant of Chinese immigrants, was in anyway connected to Prosperity Sphere spies. As such when the election results came in the Pillars of Truth were found to have secured for themselves 19 seats in the House and all the seats on the Council which were up for election in 2018.

    With Anote Tong announcing his intention to begin a peaceful independence from the US multiple squads of special forces raided his house, along with the homes of other top Pillars of Truth leaders, and took them away to an undisclosed detention facility. With this move being decried as tyrannical by everyone from the East Asian Prosperity Sphere to even the EU international pressure has turned even more against the "imperialist American regime."

    Pillars of Truth - A party created explicitly for the purpose of Kiribati independence, their surge in support following the release of the Banaba papers has made them the first pro-independence party to gain a majority of the vote in any of the five territories. With the party's parliamentary members currently being held without charges violent riots have broken out in the streets of Tarawa as mobs demand all military personnel to leave the island and give Kiribati its freedom.

    National Union - The center left establishment party of all territories, their control over Kiribati's parliament changed overnight from one of utter dominance to one in which they were even outnumbered in the Council. Of course, in the Council the "nonpartisan" general and appointees all backed the National Union party but given that Kiribati elects its governor solely through the House as the Council focus on mainly military affairs this election has left them out of the governorship in a majority of the five territories for the first time in history. And while the National Union party has praised the armed forces for detaining Anote Tone most of the public is against this move and thus even nationally the party is starting to decrease rapidly in favorability ratings.
    Independents - An assortment of various politicians who rely solely on their personal popularity to be elected, the Banaba papers has forced most of them to shift their stances towards independence, though none of the five members elected in the most recent election advocated for anything close to what the Pillars of Truth demands.

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    Ah, good to hear that.
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    Obama 2012 vs Trump 2016

    Dark Blue - Counties won by both Obama and Clinton
    Dark Red - Counties won by both Romney and Trump
    Medium Blue - Counties won by Obama over Trump
    Medium Red - Counties won by Trump over Obama
    Light Blue - Romney Counties won by Obama over Trump
    Light Red - Clinton Counties won by Trump over Obama

    Donald Trump (R-NY) - 50.1%; 2,841,005 votes
    Barack Obama (D-IL) - 49.9%; 2,827,709 votes

    Barack Obama (D-IL) - 50.2%; 2,990,274 votes
    Donald Trump (R-NY) - 49.8%; 2,970,733 votes

    Barack Obama (D-IL) - 50.7%; 822,544 votes

    Donald Trump (R-NY) - 49.3%; 800,983 votes

    Barack Obama (D-IL) - 52.9%; 2,564,569 votes
    Donald Trump (R-NY) - 47.1%; 2,279,543 votes

    Barack Obama (D-IL) - 53.6%; 1,620,985 votes
    Donald Trump (R-NY) - 46.4%; 1,405,284 votes
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    so what youre saying is abolish the 22nd?
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    Not particularly. Just an interesting idea I wanted to map out.
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    It was a joke, but interesting map! Wanna do the entire USA?
  8. AustralianSwingVoter Well-Known Member

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    Once again WOW!!!

    Also, with regards to maps of parties, I don't expect you to make one of every single party, I would never expect that given how much effort is required to produce them. I think that the parties that maps should be made about should be: Greens, Right-Wing parties (Republicans, Constitution, Social Credit, Libertarians, Democrats) and a combined ethnic parties map (Black Panther, Asian Action, Hispanos Unidos, Black Baptist Bloc)

    And also, any chance of a world map, as I would be very interested to see what the world looks like in this TL.
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    Don't really have the time in the immediate to do a project like that (not entirely sure they'd be a lot of major changes), sorry.
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    Our latest regional elections in Slovakia:
    1. yellow-green: Candiadates of OĹANO (Ordinary People and independent personalities) and SaS (Liberty and Solidarity)
    2. red: Candidates of SMER-SD (Direction: Social Democracy)
    3. dark blue: Candiadate of KDH (Christian democratic movement) -only in the northeast, supported by OĹANO and SaS.
    4. light blue: Candidates of SDKÚ-DS (Slovak Democratic and Christian Union-Democratic Party)
    5. orange: Candidates supported by SMER-SD, who ran as independents. Note: Jan Lunter in south-central Slovakia was supported by pretty- much all of the parties except LSNS
    6. green: Candidates of ĽSNS (Peoples Party Our Slovakia)
    7. similar to LSNS colour: Jan Garaj (northeast): ideologically similar to LSNS, ran as independent
    8. greyish-green near the southern border: Candidates of SMK (Party of Hungarian Community)
    9. yellow-orange: Candidates of Most-Híd (Bridge)
    10. blue-greyish other minor rightwing candidates
    11. white-grey: diiferent independent candidates
    12. brown: Roma candidates
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    Feb 11, 2014
    I may do Obama 2008 vs Trump 2016 whenever I find the time to do so. Interestingly, in that scenario Trump still wins Macomb County.
  12. nofynofie Well-Known Member

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    Just for fun!
    Toby Keith vs Kanye West :p:biggrin::cool:

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    Why isn't Punxsutawney Phil running??? :p
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    Next time :p
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    In this timeline, Carter easily wins re-election in 1980, and the Democratic party basically returns to its roots as a primarily Southern Party, while the GOP does very well in the North and West. this is what the 2016 Presidential Election looks like in this world, on the county level. I've only finished the South thus far, but I thought I'd post it because it's quite interesting... I'll post the full map when I finish it.
  16. Alsea Banned

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    What did they do, repeal the Civil Rights Act?
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  17. Tex Arkana Spice for President!

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    No... Carter's success just leads to the Democratic Party nominating more moderate Southerners, and by 2016 the Solid South is basically back together, although the margins are substantially smaller than they were during the actual "Solid South".
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    I wouldn't think so, as it looks like the "Black Belt" still votes Democratic.
  19. Alex Richards A mapper I, from near Dar-bai. Donor

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    Well that's... different.
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