Alternate Electoral Maps III

Lets make like a set date limit. Like nothing beyond the 2012 or 2016 election. Exceptions are like if its a part of a series that just happens to go beyond 2020, but nothing of just that
Omar04 1960
MorganKingsley Romney Victory 2012

2012 election where Romney is the one that wins the popular vote by 3.86, not Obama. Romney ends up 5 electoral votes worse than Obama, but still by a long shot is the best finishing republican in the last 30 years here
Bomster Bobby Kennedy 1968
To honor the new thread, I shall grace it with yet another “Bobby Kennedy in 1968” map:


Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY)/Ralph Yarborough (D-TX) - 356 EV, 50% PV
Richard M. Nixon (R-NY)/Spiro Agnew (R-MD) - 142 EV, 44% PV
George Wallace (AI-AL)/Curtis LeMay (AI-CA) - 40 EV, 5% PV