Alternate Electoral Maps II

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after the current election Maine is all dem, and dems control 22 state delegations, 2 are split (PA and Michigan) and the other 26 are GOP majority
Found where I miscounted. So at minimum you need to flip four states to elect a Democrat, which could be four Republican Representaves, for example one from Pennsylvania so it is 10-8. one from Michigan so it is 8-6, and the one each from Alaska and Wyoming. (or one from Florida which right now is 14R-13D)


I don't want to give too much away on my current timeline, but is there an alternate 1864 electoral map which would include British Columbia (49th to 52nd parallel), Rio Grande, Sonora, Chihuahua, and split California (at 37th parallel, the southern part including Baja)? I was going to use it to show the coming results of that election. There are going to be a few states added afterwards, so I was hoping to find one easily editable. Thanks!
Imma be real with you chief, Wyoming ain't electing a Democratic anything

Florida is a definate maybe, I'd also put Georgia, Montana or North Carolina before Wyoming or Alaska tbh
Just saying the minimum number to get to 26 state delegations in favor of a Democratic candidate if things were 269-269. Not saying it is likely.
Refined Bernie's Royal Flush a bit. Added McMullin, flipped a few states. And if anyone can think of a better black running mate for Bernie (to flip Georgia), that'd be helpful.


Bernard Sanders/Kamala Harris (Democratic) -- 399
Ted Nugent/Alex Jones (Republican) -- 133
Evan McMullin/Mindy Flinn (Independent) -- 6
I think he means before the election in November. Note that he says that the delegation from Maine is split. From January it will completely Democratic.
I meant after the 2018 election (the incoming congress), I miscounted. I agree with the other poster that it is now 26R-22D-2Split.
The Seventh Party System: Part LVI
Map of the United States
Part I - Metropotamia
Part II - Alta California
Part III - North Carolina
Part IV - New Jersey
Part V - Adams
Part VI - Alabama
Part VII - Rhode Island
Part VIII - Sequoyah
Part IX - Assenisipia
Part X - East Florida
Part XI - Tennessee
Part XII - Kansas
Part XIII - Dakota
Part XIV - Arizona
Part XV - Delaware
Part XVI - Oregon
Part XVII - Ozark
Part XVIII - New Hampshire
Part XIX - Western Connecticut
Part XX - New York
Part XXI - Santo Domingo
Part XXII - South Carolina
Part XXIII - Baja California
Part XXIV - Chersonesus
Part XXV - Canal Zone Territory
Part XXVI - West Florida
Part XXVII - Missouri
Part XXVIII - Colorado
Part XXIX - Trinidad and Tobago
Part XXX - Pennsylvania
Part XXXI - Wisconsin
Part XXXII - Lincoln
Part XXXIII - Deseret
Part XXXIV - Platte
Part XXXV - Kiribati
Part XXXVI - New Mexico
Part XXXVII - Maine
Part XXXVIII - Alaska
Part XXXIX - Hamilton
Part XXXX - Mississippi
Part XXXXI - North Virginia
Part XXXXII - Bioko
Part XXXXIII - Hawaii
Part XXXXIV - Louisiana
Part XXXXV - Seward
Part XXXXVI - Illinoia
Part XXXXVII - Georgia
Part XXXXVIII - Columbia
Part XXXXIX - Maryland
Part L - Texas
Part LI - District of Columbia
Part LII - Vermont
Part LIII - Yazoo
Part LIV - Jefferson
Part LV - Virgin Islands

Named after the greatest founding father of them all, George Washington, the state of Washington is a state for the most part frozen in time, and is seen as a backwater full of old farms and rustic industrial towns. However, one of its most famous attractions is its large Amish population, which makes up an astounding 16.5% of the state's population, meaning that Washington has nearly a hundred thousand more Amish than Pennsylvania despite having only a sixth of the total population.

But the Amish are not the only oddball political group of Washington state, with this state also being a stronghold for the anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-immigrant, pro-feminist, and pro-choice Alamaite Democrats. These Alamaite democrats rely heavily on Methodist Protestantism, which holds a plurality in the state. In the past this faction of the democratic party even had its own affiliate KKK wing, which at its height had over ten thousand members and held public burnings of Catholics and blacks at party meetings, however ever since the 1960s this KKK wing fell out of favor and was officially disowned in 1981.

In a state as conservative as Washington the opposition is formed not by the Labor party or the Republicans, but rather by Social Credit, a party many Labor and GOP supporters have nicknamed the "Democrats of the North" for their social conservatism and welfarist economic policy. However, with the majority of Social Credit's base being made up of Catholics, from Poles to Bavarians, the party holds a special hatred of the Alamaite Democrats and remains steadfastly opposed to this party which only half a century ago openly called for the extermination of non Protestant Americans. As such, the politics of Washington state tend to mimic those of the Deep South more than those of other Midwestern states, with Catholics tribally voting for Social Credit and Methodists tribally voting for the Democrats.

Of course, Catholics and Methodists are not the only two ethno-religious groups present in the state with the Amish voting in bloc for the Old Order Party and non-whites voting in bloc for Labor. The state also has two rather non-ethnic parties, the Greens and the Republicans. The Greens' base consists of young voters, with their stronghold being in Athens county, the site of Ohio University. The Republicans, on the other, seek upper class voters and while it does have some socially liberal members it is for the most part dominated by socially conservative Buckley Republicans.

Another oddity of the state of Washington is present in its senate. Not only is it the only state to have a senate larger than its house, all of the 156 senators of Washington legislature are indirectly elected. Instead of casting votes for candidates or parties voters organize themselves in precinct level caucuses where they debate for at least 2 hours before choosing a number of electors by Single Non-Transferable Vote. While more proportional than blocking vote or First Past the Post, SNTV forces parties to meticulously plan out their voting schemes in order to avoid either concentrating all their votes on one candidate or spreading out their vote too thinly to get any elected. As such, the combination of the hours spent debating and the complexities of SNTV ensure that the Democratic party, with their legions of disciplined retirees dominate the upper chamber.

The second level of caucuses, the county caucuses, also help the Democrats out greatly because besides electing county delegates to go on to a state wide caucus (once again by SNTV) each county also elects a single county senator, giving the Democrats, with their rural base, a large advantage. However, this advantage is also mitigated slightly by the fact that this county senator is supposed to non-partisan and as such has to have at least two-thirds of the electors' votes in order to win. As such, in counties where the Democrats only hold 50 or 60% of the delegates compromise independent senators are elected instead, however even these senators often have sympathies towards the Democrats. Lastly, at the state wide caucus after eight hours of debate all the county delegates vote via SNTV for the state wide senators. Of course most of these six hours are spent not debating with the other parties, but rather within each party as the party whips attempt to figure which delegate should vote for which candidate in order to maximize the number of their elected senators.

In addition, there also exist Amish senators, with each Amish church district electing electors who then choose 25 Amish senators by SNTV. And while all these senators are members of the Old Order Party, it is in this intra-Amish election that the sectarianism of the Amish community comes out in full force.

Each Amish community is run as a theocratic dictatorship with the leading priests having total control over their parishioners. This demand for complete obedience has lead to countless schisms within the Amish community, as members constantly rebel against their priests by running away and forming new Amish congregations. As such the number of Amish sects in Washington alone is estimated to number over 300, with more sects being founded every year. While some of the most isolationist of Amish have completely closed themselves of the rest of the world and refuse to take part in any voting system most continue to elect electors, though the punishment for voting "against the will of God" is often at least a dozen lashings.

While the 2016 election in Washington, like in many states, resulted in a large majority for the Democrats in 2018 the Democrats were pushed back and once again forced to seek supply from the Old Order Party. In the Senate the Democrats only needed to seek the support of the Beachy Amish denomination, the "ultra-liberal" subset of Amish which allow for limited use of automobiles and have even banned corporal punishment in favor of banishment instead. Thus the state of Washington continues to be a state stuck in the past with not only the lowest level of internet usage among all states but also one of the top ten lowest HDI levels.

Democratic - Dominated by the Almaite faction, the Democratic Party of Washington continues to openly praise the ideal of WASP America and warns that Catholicism is "incompatible" with American values. However, due to the fact that the party was once lead by the first female Democratic politician, Alma Bridwell White, the party also preaches the values of feminism and holds a pro-choice position on the issue of abortion, which puts the state party at odds with many national Democratic leaders. Nevertheless, the state party's continual upholding of the Wallacite line in terms of economics and foreign policy means that they remain a tolerated faction of the Democratic party.

Old Order Party - The political wing of the Amish, while the outside they may look united in their principles of social conservatism and economic liberalism on the inside they highly divided between rival church affiliations which can be broadly grouped in four camps, the ultra-liberals, the liberals, the conservatives, and the ultra-conservatives.
  • Beachy Amish are the largest denomination of the Amish, and the leader of the ultra-liberal camp, preaching such liberal concepts as the freedom of its members to use automobiles and the ability to read books not already pre-approved by the church. With all these lax rules, as well as their heavy focus on enticing other Christians into joining the Amish lifestyle they have grown to become the largest Amish faction, though many conservative and even some liberal Amish denominations believe them to be heretics who are nothing close to true Amish.
  • Holmes Old Order Amish are the second largest denomination of the Amish and forms the largest conservative Amish affiliation. Based around Holmes County, Washington, they split off from the Lancaster Amish in 1808 for purely geographic reasons. Also, as with all conservative and ultra-conservative Amish denominations, the Holmes Old Order Amish do not prohibit their children to leave the farm for rumspringa.
  • Buchanan Amish are the largest ultra-conservative faction of the Amish, originally founded in 1914 by Amish who believed indoor plumbing went against the sanctity of Amish traditions. Standing staunching against any "revisions" of the Amish doctrine the group has grown to be so large by not only its constant proselytizing of more "liberal" Amish sects but also its insistence of mothers being able to rear at least five children.
  • Swartzentruber Amish are the most ultra conservative of the ultra-conservative Amish, being infamous for flaying alive those who violate "Amish law." With no one being allowed to leave the Swartzentruber church under threat of death and the mandatory marriage of Amish women at the age of 16 this denomination has grown in strength not only in Washington state, but also in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. The Swartzentruber are also the largest Amish affiliation to practice endogamy, refusing their young men and women from marrying any non-Swartzentruber Amish, as they believe non-Swartzentruber to not be "true Amish."
  • Swiss Amish are another ultra-conservative Amish group, however they are differentiated not by doctrine or geography like most Amish, but by ethnicity. Descendant from Swiss Germans, unlike the Rhineland and Palatine Germans most Amish come from, they retain their distinctive Low Alemannic dialect.
  • Troyer Amish are yet another ultra-conservative Amish group founded by bishop Troyer in 1932. Originally splitting off from the Swartzentruber church for disagreeing with the restrictions placed on hat brim size they soon grow to dominate among ex-Swartzentruber converts who succeed in escaping the community. To this day, the Troyer Amish and Swartzentruber Amish remain bitter enemies and many Swartzentruber Amish have been stoned to death for just talking to Troyer Amish. Nevertheless the Troyer Amish are still ultra-conservative in nature and shun all indoor plumbing, electricity, and plastic products.
  • Andy Weaver Amish are ultra-conservative Amish denomination founded by Andrew J Weaver who thought the Holmes Old Order Amish were getting too revisionist. As such, they dominate among ex-Holmes Old Order converts who think the HOOA's adoption of running water and flush toilets is heretical.
  • New Order Amish are the largest liberal Amish denomination, splitting off from more conservative Amish factions in order to support the ability of teenagers to leave the farm during rumspringa. However they still remain opposed to any usage of automobiles and electricity and think that the Beachy Amish are heretics for allowing their members to use cars.
  • Ashland Amish are a geographically based conservative Amish group, centered around Ashland county by those who disliked the authority of the Holmes Old Order Amish.
  • Fredericktown Amish are another conservative Amish denomination which split due to geography, and were the smallest group to receive a senator in the 2018 election, a position usually held by the Old Order Tobe Hochsteler Amish until a split in 2017 resulted in a third of their number forming the Restored Old Order Tobe Hochsteler Amish while the remaining two thirds reorganized themselves into the True Old Order Tobe Hochsteler Amish.

Social Credit - The main opposition to the Democratic party's dominance of Washington state, their base remains the catholic working class originally descendant from Polish and Bavarian immigrants. While they are now known for being a virulently anti-immigrant party, the party also stands against the anti-Catholic Alamaite Democrats and claims that all Christian Americans have an equal right to consider "true American citizens." The unionized nature of many of their supporters also means that they stand for the right of labor unions, an issue which many democrats use to paint the social credit as socialist.
Labor - The party of left wing whites and urban blacks, they rely much more on the latter than the former with Social Credit having eaten away at much of their white working class base.
Republican - A party for the rich and upper class of Washington, in this impoverished state they have little support outside of their gated communities.
Independents - Found only as compromise candidates for county senators the entirety of them support social conservatism and vaguely center left economics, which are the two issues both Social Credit and the Democrats can agree on.
Greens - The only socially liberal party in an extremely backwards state, their support continues to dwindle every year as more and more young people flee the state.


Credit for the basemap goes to Chicxulub.
As I'm sure some of you will know, in the last few weeks I've been working on a new map of Texas' congressional districts for a series of US House election maps in which the Republican gerrymandering of Texas doesn't happen in the early mid noughties. Here are three maps of my seats.

Firstly, the actual map of them.
Texas rev.png

Then you have the map that shows the Cook PVI ratings. (I added in a reverse colour scheme one for free! Credit to @Thande for the colourscale which I amended.)
Texas rev PVI.png
Texas rev PVI switch.png

And finally, you have a map showing the districts coloured in according to race.

Pink - Majority White
Light Pink - White Plurality
Orange - Majority Hispanic
Light Orange - Hispanic Plurality

Texas rev race.png

Democratic: Bill Clinton (Arkansas)/Al Gore (Tennessee) - 46.75%, 354 EVs
Democratic: Hillary Clinton (New York)/Tim Kaine (Virginia) - 45.76%, 184 EVs
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