Alternate Electoral Maps III

What if Japan had a government that looked more like the United States?
Too Funny To Be President

Republican: Gerald Ford (MI) / Nelson Rockefeller (NY)
Democratic: Mo Udall (AZ) / Terry Sanford (NC)
American Independent: Lester Maddox (GA) / William Dyke (WI)

We've all heard of Goldwater vs. McGovern, but what if they teamed up?
For this ridiculous idea, I added the two's state totals, and if their totals added up to 75% or more I gave them the state. The closest states turned out to be Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.
The 1996 US presidential election in End of History, a Campaign Trail mod by Astronomics. The POD is the success of the August Coup, which reignites the Cold War and leads to a significantly more violent breakup of the Soviet Union over the next several years. Bush narrowly wins re-election over Clinton, who is seen as inexperienced on foreign policy matters. In 1996, Democrats nominate liberal Pennsylvania senator Harris Wofford over rivals Kent Conrad and Ann Richards in a return to New Deal-style liberalism, who selects Alabama senator Howell Heflin as his running mate. Meanwhile, California governor Pete Wilson easily clinches the Republican nomination and selects Minnesota senator David Durenberger as his running mate. Immigration (both from Latin America and war-torn Eastern Europe), foreign policy, and the sluggish economy are front and center, with Wofford winning comfortably to end 16 years of Republican control of the White House.