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Omar04 1960
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    MorganKingsley Romney Victory 2012
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    2012 election where Romney is the one that wins the popular vote by 3.86, not Obama. Romney ends up 5 electoral votes worse than Obama, but still by a long shot is the best finishing republican in the last 30 years here
    Bomster Bobby Kennedy 1968
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    To honor the new thread, I shall grace it with yet another “Bobby Kennedy in 1968” map:


    Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY)/Ralph Yarborough (D-TX) - 356 EV, 50% PV
    Richard M. Nixon (R-NY)/Spiro Agnew (R-MD) - 142 EV, 44% PV
    George Wallace (AI-AL)/Curtis LeMay (AI-CA) - 40 EV, 5% PV
    Bomster McGovern 1968
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    What if McGovern won the Nomination in 1968?


    Richard M. Nixon (R-NY)/Spiro Agnew (R-MD) - 298 EV, 41% PV
    George McGovern (D-SD)/Ted Kennedy (D-MA) - 187 EV, 40% PV
    George Wallace (AI-AL)/Curtis LeMay (AI-CA) - 53 EV, 18% PV
    DPKdebator Gore V Bush 2000
  • Since the other thread was closed shortly after I posted this map, I'll repost it here:


    I made a map for a matchup between John McCain and Al Gore for president in 2000. Can you guess the state map?
    Adam The Nerd New York
  • After 4 days, I finally did it. I finally made a map of New York with 45 Congressional District, just like in its hay day.

    Statewide map

    Buffalo Inset

    NYC Metro Inset

    Downtown NYC Inset

    Tell me what y'all think. I really should be asleep right now.
    Bomster Gore Victory
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    Albert Gore Jr. (D-TN)/Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) - 363 EV
    George W. Bush (R-TX)/Richard Cheney (R-WY) - 175 EV
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  • Does this count as current politics?

    Martin Van Buren (D-NY)/No candidate - 147 EV
    William H. Harrison (D-OH)/John Tyler (D-VA) - 147 EV
  • For those that might be interested I came up with this map of the 2017 council wards in the old Lothian area.
    Lothian RC.png
  • Gian

    Finally managed to sign in and create a fair map for Maryland's districts:

    District 1 - 53% Republican, 45% Democrat
    District 2 - 50% Republican, 48% Democrat
    District 3 - 50% Republican, 48% Democrat
    District 4 - 79% Democrat, 20% Republican
    District 5 - 80% Democrat, 19% Republican
    District 6 - 52% Republican, 47% Democrat
    District 7 - 85% Democrat, 14% Republican
    District 8 - 71% Democrat, 28% Republican
  • As a follow up to this post, I've done Lothian.

    This map shows how many members per ward there are - Mint means single member whilst Orange means double member.

    Lothian RC Wards.png

    And this map shows the results which are based on the results of local elections held in May 2017.
    Lothian RCE'17.png

    And the seat total is
    SNP 25
    Conservatives 21
    Labour 15
    Lib Dems 3
    Greens 3
    Independent 1