Alternate Electoral Maps II

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  1. Alex Richards A mapper I, from near Dar-bai. Donor

    Jun 8, 2009
    Empire of Nova Elysium
    Yeah. I think I'd have preferred that map, though Southport depresses me.
  2. Mumby im that bob

    Feb 7, 2010
    It is, yes, which is probably why this is so mad.
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  3. Gonzo Grumpy Poujadist Norn Person

    Mar 4, 2015
    Béal Feirste, Tuaisceart Éireann
    It's interesting to see that the Tories wouldn't gain Lanark and Hamilton East on those numbers. Though I suppose it is due to the fact its a close three way marginal like East Dunbartonshire in the seventies.
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  4. Keeganc2020 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2017
    IMG_8670.PNG IMG_8669.jpg IMG_8668.jpg IMG_8667.jpg King Aurthers Return !
    The 2028 US presidential Election

    Events leading up
    Trump approval rating never gets above 41% and several Trumo aids are imprisoned for purgree mostly. Trump is unprepared for a one on one battle with John Kasich who gets nearly 36% of the republican primary vote and wins 15 contests. At the night of the convention trump shocks both the nation and the world by announcing he will let VP mike pence be the nominee and he will ressign at the end of the month ... unfortunately Pence is able to unite the party while the Democrats see as much as 15% of their party go for a third party although they do win back a decent amount of obama-trump voters.
    R Mike Pence 276 47%
    Niki Haley
    D Terry McAuliffe 262 48%
    Corey Booker
    S 51 /49
    H 232/203

    R Chris Shununu 49.9%
    Ben Sasse
    D Joaquin Castro 48.5%
    Diana Anderson
    S 56/44
    H 249/186

    Start of second Global Depression
    Unemployment skyrockets to 16% in 6 months. 5 category 5 hurricanes Strike Florida, Texas, and The Carolinas with in a month FEMA runs out of money while the US defaults on its debt and the government shuts down for nearly 9 weeks.
    D Joe Kennedy 538 ECV 68%
    Jason Kander
    R Chris Shununu 0 ECV 29%
    Ben Sasse
    Jena Randal
    S 57/43
    H 262 /173

    D Joe Kennedy 476 ECV 59%
    Jason Kander
    R Tom Cotten 62 ECV 42%
    Rick Slater
    S 69/ 31
    H 309/ 126

    D Liz McGuire 398 ECV 56%
    Maria Martinez
    R Mary-Beth Richardson
    Harold Duncan 140 ECV 42%
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  5. jonnguy2016 Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2016
    Thirteen Colonies- Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump, 170 EVs
    Treaty of Paris- Mike Pence/John Kasich, 109 EVs
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- Carly Fiorina/Gary Johnson, 83 EVs
    Louisiana Purchase- Mike Huckabee/Bobby Jindal, 79 EVs
    Texas- Ted Cruz/Rick Perry, 38 EVs
    Florida- Marco Rubio/Jeb Bush, 29 EVs
    Oregon Territory- Maria Cantrell/Ron Wyden, 23 EVs
    Hawaii- Tulsi Gabbard/Mazie Hirono, 4 EVs
    Alaska- Sarah Palin/Lisa Murkowski, 3 EVs
  6. RightTosser Used Citra-Frost Salesman

    Nov 29, 2014
    Houston suburbs
    The Senate as of January 3, 2027 in AdrianoChika's Shared Worlds election game What Will Happen:
    Blue: Democrat
    Red: Republican
    Purple: 1 Democrat, 1 Republican
    Gold: Libertarian
    Green: Vermont Progressive
    Dark Red: Victory
  7. AltFuture Incurable Germanophile

    Aug 17, 2016
    2020 Republican Primaries based on this poll.

    Trump declines to run for the re-election by some reason, and Pence vs Cruz vs Kasich vs Others battle starts.
    Mike Pence - 65%
    John Kasich - 15%
    Ted Cruz - 12%
    Others - 8%

    Bonus: 2020 Election

    Mike Pence / Brian Sandoval - 278 EVs (49.0% of PV)
    Elizabeth Warren / Cory Booker - 260 EVs (48.8% of PV)

    With winning very close contests in Virginia and Nevada, Mike Pence was elected as POTUS by 0.2% PV margin.

    (Trump's term wasn't a mess, but wasn't a good too. Pence moderatened stances, selected moderate minority from swing state and won by close margin)
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  8. Turquoise Blue Blossoming Tibby!

    Sep 5, 2010
    OK, this is a fictional Australian state-equivalent's early-20th-century election.

    Arbor Islands state election, 1905
    Ministerial: 18 seats [Protectionism, broadly. Conservative-y and the government.]
    Opposition: 9 seats [Free trade, broadly. Liberal-y and obviously not the government.]
    Labour: 4 seats [Labour-ism, broadly. Socialist-ish and obviously not the government.]
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  9. Thomas Johnson Banned

    Jul 12, 2017
    If Pence is getting 65% of the primary vote, he's not winning re-election.
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  10. Tex Arkana Spice for President!

    Jan 29, 2017
    Jamaica (I Wish)
    I'm not criticizing you, but this map sorta seems like you just randomly colored counties.
  11. kodak Has much to learn

    Jan 29, 2015
    The other part of New York
    On top of that, Pence is not a good debator or a motivational speaker. Warren would crush him in this scenario.
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  12. Keeganc2020 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2017
    I had some formula like costal counties go blue most and most major population centers but I did give it a bit of randomness for hells sake I mean a 2020 county map can be pretty exact but a 2028 is pretty far out to say the lest I might rework a new one.
  13. MoralisticCommunist Banned

    Sep 27, 2015
    The Seventh Party System: Part XXVI
    Map of the United States
    Part I - Metropotamia
    Part II - Alta California
    Part III - North Carolina
    Part IV - New Jersey
    Part V - Adams
    Part VI - Alabama
    Part VII - Rhode Island
    Part VIII - Sequoyah
    Part IX - Assenisipia
    Part X - East Florida
    Part XI - Tennessee
    Part XII - Kansas
    Part XIII - Dakota
    Part XIV - Arizona
    Part XV - Delaware
    Part XVI - Oregon
    Part XVII - Ozark
    Part XVIII - New Hampshire
    Part XIX - Western Connecticut
    Part XX - New York
    Part XXI - Santo Domingo
    Part XXII - South Carolina
    Part XXIII - Baja California
    Part XXIV - Chersonesus
    Part XXV - Canal Zone Territory

    West Florida is by far the greatest stronghold of the Democratic Party, with the Democrats often getting 70% or even 80% of the seats all by themselves. The result of this dominance is favorable white demographics and a long history of slavery.

    West Florida as a state was first created in 1852, when Southern legislatures decided to allow the territory of Mississippi to be admitted as a free state on the condition that Florida be split in two. At the time of the compromise West Florida actually had the larger population in comparison to East Florida, with the cities of Mobile and Pensacola being far more populated than St. Augustine. However with the advent of air conditioning the swamps of East Florida were cleared and Florida soon became a vivid and diverse state, leaving West Florida as a backwater. Never having much of a black population in the first it was no surprise when the state voted for Nixon by a 92% margin.

    In the coming years the Democratic party would easily cement their rule over the state, leaving Labor and the Black Baptist Bloc to unite together as the Readjuster party, adding anti-corruption policies to their civil rights platform in an attempt to lure more moderate Democrats. And while the strategy has managed to keep the opposition alive it hasn't done much else, never even reaching over the 30% mark during the height of the Second Great Depression.

    As such, the state is instead dominated by the factional politics of the Democratic party. In West Florida, as in many other states such as Yazoo or South Carolina, the Democratic party lists are written up by elected County Chairmen, making the Chairmen of each county the deciding factor in whether or not a candidate goes to parliament. This has fueled the corruption of West Florida's government, with County Chairmen enrich themselves through "anonymous donations" from influential families who want to get a cushy seat in the state congress.

    In the particular state of West Florida, the Wallacite faction of Democratic has been forever dominant since George Wallace gave his famous "Thousand Years of Segregation" speech announcing the repeal of the Civil Rights Act, however this year's election has been notable as the Longites managed to win many county chairmanships outside of their Mobile stronghold, giving them enough seats to prevent the Wallacites of being able to unilaterally pass any bill. As such, for the first time since 2010 the Wallacites will once again be forced to compromise with the more leftist Longites and give in to their plans of increasing welfare funding yet again.

    Democrats - The party of the South, they have complete and utter dominance over West Floridian politics, and as such inter factional conflicts are given far more focus in the state.
    • Wallacites are the largest faction of the Democratic party, not only in West Florida, but in all Southern states except Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arkansas. With George Wallace in essence describing the modern Democratic orthodoxy through his devotion to the protection of segregation and welfare, West Florida strives to achieve such a goal within the confines of federal law. On the segregation front they have granted police officers large amounts of leeway when it comes to arrests, turning a blind eye to the frequent imprisonment of the state's small black population. On the welfare front they have established a large welfare state to not only help the poor but also give cushy government jobs to loyal patrons.
    • Longites are the second largest faction of the Democratic party in West Florida, representing the populist sentiment of those who thought FDR's policies didn't go far enough and helped Northern states too much. However his downfall would be his opposition to militarism, a fact which drew him the disgust of most Democrats and lead to his removal from the National Union party during WWIII as a traitor. Even though Huey Long will go on to die in a ditch after being stabbed by a mentally ill fanatical patriot his legacy was restored after the war by his family members who revived the Longites. By omitting Long's controversial foreign policy and focusing solely on his economics the Longites regained control of Louisiana's democratic party in the 1950s, a state that the faction still continues to control to this day.
    • Contract Concord is the largest right wing faction of the Democratic party, representing the interests of fiscal conservatives. Started by Newt Paul in the mid 1990s, it opposed the Democrats leftward shift and argued that center right economics would not only reduce corruption but also boost the economy. However with the main CC state being Kentucky, a state were the Republicans and Democrats have long united in an unholy alliance most mainstream Democrats look down upon them as Republican sympathizers.
    • Conservation is one of the newest factions of the Democratic party, being created in the year 2000 by Ralph Gore who split with traditional Democratic doctrine by declaring that global warming was real and green energy must be invested into. With Ralph Gore also being known for having a soft stance on suppressing African-Americans most Wallacites see him as a Democrat in Name Only. Nevertheless, his faction has been gaining a following in West Florida as hurricanes continue to grow in intensity every year.
    • Nullifiers compose of the last Democratic faction, and serve as the oldest surviving Democratic tradition, dating all the way back to nearly a 100 year before the National Union era. Having been the main Democratic faction only during the 1870s as a reaction to Grant's Radical Republicanism their stated goals include passing an amendment to make nullification legal, reforming the US into a loose union of sovereign states, and bringing back FPTP. But to most Democrats Nullifiers are simply the crazy uncle of the family who despite all their radical rhetoric continue to support Wallacite policies for the good of the party.

    Readjuster - A moderate left of center party that was created from a merger of Labor and the Black Baptist Bloc, they serve as the united opposition against Democratic hegemony in West Florida. However with their membership being over 80% black everyone knows that they are simply a more left wing version of the BBB and most whites continue to vote Dem as they always have and likely always will.


    Credit for the basemap goes to Chicxulub.
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  14. jonnguy2016 Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2016
    Was playing around with and made this map. Can anyone think of possible scenarios for this?
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  15. Turquoise Blue Blossoming Tibby!

    Sep 5, 2010
    1910 AS presidential election
    Progressive: Fmr. Pres. Jacob J. Valentine (Makato)/Adm. Martin S. Perry (Summerset Bay) 289 EV, 37.9%
    Conservative: Pres. William Royce (Hamblen)/Vice Pres. Joseph Cook (Derry) 164 EV, 32.1%
    Democratic: Sen. Hollis Johnston (South Jacobia)/Gov. George H. Murray (Laurel) 108 EV, 12.5%
    Social Democratic: Rep. Myron Lundain (New Arnhem)/Fmr. Gov. David Zuckerman (Providence) 4 EV, 15.6%
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  16. Keeganc2020 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2017
    You mention a Third World War could we get a very rough sketch of that like dates and nations and outcomes please. Keep up the great work mate !
    e tion
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  17. Turquoise Blue Blossoming Tibby!

    Sep 5, 2010
    Can you not quote the entire post, pls? Thanks.
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  18. Keeganc2020 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2017
    I'm thinking of doing
    a 2024 Marty Walsh Karmala Harris vs Chris Shununu Marco Rubio
    Thoughts ?
  19. Keeganc2020 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2017
    Sorry sometimes on mobile it's tricky my apologies.
  20. Zachary VIII Russian bot

    Jul 13, 2017
    Hilo, Hawaii
    Does yellow represent a third party candidate or swing states?
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