Alternate Electoral Maps III

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    I remember seeing maps of alternate Canadian constituencies. Might I ask (and forgive me for sounding retarded) how does an amateur mapmaker draw alternate Canadian ridings?
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    Oregonian Montana
    Jesse Ventura is Reform, Gore is Democratic, Bush is Republican
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    Well, I got it 25% right.
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    Oregonian Montana
    I didn’t make the map so idk either
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    Change your language before someone reports you my friend
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    I'm kinda confused. He's calling the question dumb. And if he was calling himself dumb, that's a grey area.
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    I changed it for him
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    Oh. Got it.
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    Oregonian Montana
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    Bet you guys won't get this one so quickly!
    Red = Republican
    Blue = Democrat

    Rep EVs - 183
    Dem EVs - 355

    (Just in case anyone wanted to know)
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    Is blue Truman?
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    If this is a real OTL map, you would probably get a warmer response in the OTL maps and graphics thread.
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    2016 election
    Trump/Pence Republican
    Clinton/Kaine Democrat
    Sanders/Stein Green party
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    Interesting map, but I very much doubt that the Greens could win Montana.

    Also this really belongs in the thread for current politics.
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    I wanted to give Bernie at least one Red state and he did well in Montana during the Democrat primaries
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    The Seventh Party System: Part LIX
    Map of the United States
    Part I - Metropotamia
    Part II - Alta California
    Part III - North Carolina
    Part IV - New Jersey
    Part V - Adams
    Part VI - Alabama
    Part VII - Rhode Island
    Part VIII - Sequoyah
    Part IX - Assenisipia
    Part X - East Florida
    Part XI - Tennessee
    Part XII - Kansas
    Part XIII - Dakota
    Part XIV - Arizona
    Part XV - Delaware
    Part XVI - Oregon
    Part XVII - Ozark
    Part XVIII - New Hampshire
    Part XIX - Western Connecticut
    Part XX - New York
    Part XXI - Santo Domingo
    Part XXII - South Carolina
    Part XXIII - Baja California
    Part XXIV - Chersonesus
    Part XXV - Canal Zone Territory
    Part XXVI - West Florida
    Part XXVII - Missouri
    Part XXVIII - Colorado
    Part XXIX - Trinidad and Tobago
    Part XXX - Pennsylvania
    Part XXXI - Wisconsin
    Part XXXII - Lincoln
    Part XXXIII - Deseret
    Part XXXIV - Platte
    Part XXXV - Kiribati
    Part XXXVI - New Mexico
    Part XXXVII - Maine
    Part XXXVIII - Alaska
    Part XXXIX - Hamilton
    Part XXXX - Mississippi
    Part XXXXI - North Virginia
    Part XXXXII - Bioko
    Part XXXXIII - Hawaii
    Part XXXXIV - Louisiana
    Part XXXXV - Seward
    Part XXXXVI - Illinoia
    Part XXXXVII - Georgia
    Part XXXXVIII - Columbia
    Part XXXXIX - Maryland
    Part L - Texas
    Part LI - District of Columbia
    Part LII - Vermont
    Part LIII - Yazoo
    Part LIV - Jefferson
    Part LV - Virgin Islands
    Part LVI - Washington
    Part LVII - Puerto Rico
    Part LVIII - Kentucky

    Labor Coalition
    Democrats and Social Credit
    Hispanos Unidos and Allies

    Political Positions of State Governments


    Original DeviantArt Post Here

    Massachusetts is one of the stronghold states of the Grand Old Party, though the Republican's dominance is nowhere near as much as it used to be in the olden days.

    As with most of New England the Republican party has a long history of governance in the state, and during the late 1800s the real battle would take place in the Republican primary as the general election was all but ensured. Of course the Irish proved to be a stubbornly Labor constituency in these times, but these immigrants never had the numbers to overthrow the Republican majority by themselves. It would not be until the surprise election of Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 that Massachusetts began to become contested territory.

    While Republicans ended up gaining control in Massachusetts in 1920 with Theodore Roosevelt turning down a fourth term, they would then lose this power in 1932 when the Great Depression put FDR in power. However by the time FDR had died in 1945 the grip of National Unionist control over Massachusetts had began to come to an end, with the centrist Dewey Republicans pulling away many moderate New Dealers.

    However the true death of National Unionist party, and by extension Labor party, to the voters of Massachusetts would come with the 1969 Boston Busing Riots.

    Prior to the 1960s the public schools of Massachusetts were deliberately segregated, with school districts gerrymandering their boundaries to keep white and black kids separate. With the rise of the civil rights movement however, such blatant segregation was no longer acceptable, and in 1967 LBJ signed into law the Civil Rights Act, making segregated public schools illegal and forcing all school districts to redraw their boundaries in a more equitable manner.

    Such a matter was met with outrage across the nation, but what truly caught the nation's attention were the protests against busing in Boston. While LBJ had anticipated fierce resistance to the Civil Rights Act in the South and preemptively declared most Southern states under martial law he had not expected any resistance from the solidly Democratic city of Boston. Yet the Irishmen of this city were far prouder of their unique history and identity, and saw the busing of their children to black schools as the busing of their children to ghetto schools.

    Thus the Irishmen and Irishwomen came out in their hundreds of thousands to protest the busing scheme, continuing to delay any plans LBJ might have had to desegregate the Boston schools. On several occasions even George Wallace was invited up to Boston to speak against the "tyranny" of busing and call for a "Thousand Years of Segregation." The 1968 presidential election however ended only in another victory for the National Unionists, with Massachusetts narrowly going to LBJ due the Democrats splitting the Republican vote.

    Seeing this election as a mandate to continue onwards with the Civil Rights Act LBJ announced in his 1969 State of the Union address that forced busing would continue across the country, including Boston. This lead to massive riots against the forced busing, with tens of thousands of white men, mainly Irish-Americans, marching into black neighborhoods and burning African-American homes and schools. Within just the first day over six hundred lay dead, including 12 law enforcement officers, 76 Irishmen, and 570 African Americans.

    After these cataclysmic race riots LBJ declared martial law in Boston and sent in the army to deal with the white rioters. This turned Boston into a warzone, with many Irishmen engaging in guerrilla warfare against the US military. By late February a radical section of the Black Panthers took advantage of the chaos and declared the People's Republic of Boston, setting up a three way civil war within the city.

    While order would eventually be restored to Boston by September, this victory was achieved only when the US Air Force firebombed the city center. In the end, most of the Irish inhabitants of Boston ended up never returning to the city, and would become staunch conservatives for the rest of their lives.

    As such, ever since the Conservative Revolution of 1972, Massachusetts has been a very Republican state, with even the Democrats featuring as a political party until they faded away in the late 1980s. However, due to recent immigration back into the city of Boston and its surroundings the ethnic makeup of Massachusetts has become less and less white, and thus Labor has been able to grow its membership. The Second Great Depression marked a turning point for the state, with the Labor party taking both the House and Senate in 2010. While Labor would be kicked out in 2014, the Republicans were never able to return to the dominance they enjoyed before, and continue to possess only a minority in the House. However, so long as the gerrymandered Senate districts remain, the amount of influence which the Republicans hold over the state's politics will continue into the foreseeable future.

    Republicans - The party of business, they have been dominant in New England ever since the party's founding in the 1800s. While Massachusetts is no longer the impregnable Republican stronghold it once was, they still remain the largest party and have a supermajority in the gerrymandered senate. While still lead by the Dewey faction the Republicans of Massachusetts are noticeably more racist than those of other states, due mainly to the memory of those whites involved in the 1969 Boston Busing Riots.

    Labor - The main opposition party of Massachusetts, they represent the interests of the working class and the ethnic minorities of the state, being particularly dominant among African-Americans. While the Labor party continues to condemn the role LBJ played in the 1969 Boston Busing Riots it is no secret that most Labor supporters adore LBJ as a whole, and as such Labor has struggled to gain the Irish vote of this state, though many Irish did vote Labor in 2010.
    Greens - The third largest party in Massachusetts, they are a socially liberal, economically center left party which has siphoned off many Republican voters since the dawn of the Second Great Depression. Being extremely popular among academics and college students they also dominate the City of Cambridge as well as the township of Amherst.
    Hispanos Unidos - A growing force in the state, they represent the interests of Massachusetts' Hispanic population. While Massachusetts does not have as great a percentage of Hispanics as Connecticut the racism of the Massachusetts Republican party has lead Hispanos Unidos to be the dominant force among Latino conservatives of this state.
    Asian Action - The party for Asian Americans in Massachusetts, they feature heavily in Boston and its suburbs but have very little sway elsewhere in the state.
    Black Panther Party - The party of black nationalist leftists, they continue to exist in the city of Boston, long after their radical wing had been defeated and arrested by the US government. And ever since the Second Great Depression their influence in the African-American community has steadily rose.

    Credit for the basemap goes to Chicxulub
    Update produced by MoralisticCommunist and posted here with permission
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    Oh joy, Mass has become the Robber Baron’s paradise. And rascist.