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  • Semi Sane Author

    Semi Sane Author wrote on Blasta60's profile.

  • Just writing something original. Permission to have an evil Dragon go, "DEEEEEEAAAATTTTHHHH!" in it?

    Because it just seems fitting for this dragon to say it, and having its cultists then scream it back as a repetitive praising invocation? It would be fun! And I want to make the reference.
  • johnreiter wrote on B_Munro's profile.

  • Do you have access to the old posts from AHTG Yahoo group? There were a lot of worlds proposed there that that I wrote down the names for, but none of the description, and I'd like to retrieve it. If you don't have the posts, do you know anyone who might?
    B_Munro 1
    I actually have some physical printouts of the world list: I'll dig them up and scan them this week.
  • Kallin

    Kallin wrote on Chiropteroid's profile.

  • Hey, @Chiropteroid, so I've been doing some thinking lately, and I still really want to do my Cartoon Universe idea I had a while back. You seemed the most interested in it, so I was thinking I'd approach you on how best to reboot it. Are you interested?

    I was actually trying to start a convo with you, but it wouldn't let me, so I posted on your page.