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  • Kushim wrote on Revachah's profile.

  • yo, stumbled across a very old discussion involving papua new guinean agriculture, you mentioned a Plectranthus sp. can ye mention which one specifically? just to lay my curiosity to rest, thanks
  • Marisa Kiridifferent

    Marisa Kiridifferent wrote on TheBerlinguer's profile.

  • Sorry for like, the sudden message, but will To Discover a Flaw in Nature make a comeback at some point?
    TheBerlinguer 1
    Maybe if I find the time and resolve to reboot it and compile a new TL in a much briefer form. The 1970-1975 update I was working on became so gigantic that it made me lose my will to continue. That's why I abandoned the TL. :confused:

    I know where I want to go with it, but the thing as it stands has become too "unwieldy".
  • Petike

    Petike wrote on LeX's profile.

  • Hello. My best wishes. A month ago, I wrote this short story. You seem to have an interest in the region and seemed to have an interest in the language, so you might findit interesting.