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  • Pistonpunk wrote on Shevek23's profile.

  • 1/3 - I would just like to say I have really enjoyed reading many of your posts over the years, especially but not exclusively the ones in the ASB and Before 1900 forums!
    2/3 - You make such detailed and comprehensive posts - not to mention imaginative - that I am always left not only having learned something (may it be related to history, geography, anthropology or something else) but also experiencing enjoyment at having read such a creative exposition or answer to the thread's original scenario.
    3/3 - My apologies if this seems a bit out-of-the-blue and perhaps unwarranted, or overly-appreciative coming from a random stranger over the internet... I suppose I just want to show my appreciation, in what small way I can. I hope you have a great day!

    P.S: Sorry, had to cut this post into three since it would not allow for more than 420 characters.
  • Lautaro wrote on MarshalBraginsky's profile.

  • What is the reason why Marshal is banned?,is that i am new and i saw his tls,the truth seemed like someone with whom you could talk covilized.