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  • You use the term Hepthalshahs. What does it mean?
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    Lady Visenya
    Lady Visenya
    I figured as much, I just had never seen that term anywhere before. Did you come up with it? Or is it something in non-English stuff?
    John7755 يوحنا 1
    Generally, there is a custom in traditional Arabic and Persianate literature to refer to roughly Iranic entities in Central Asia as >name of tribe or region< + >shah<. Case in point, Khwarezemshahs which was the term used by the Abbasid state in discourse with them and with others, such as the Mongol armies that surged into the region.
    Lady Visenya
    Lady Visenya 1
    Thank you! As a native English speaker with only some basic knowledge of Greek (I'm learning) I love learning this sort of stuff. Languages are just so fascinating to me. Thank you for indulging me, John!:)