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  • Or alternatively, putting naval ratings in with the assault group of Australia Commandos increases the overall risk of fratricide. The commandos have trained as a group and understand their fire control measures, operating procedures, etc. Having the ratings follow behind the assault groups makes better sense than putting them with the small unit.
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  • I have a fiqh question. Is it halal to enslave a kafir? For example, the Dawlah consider Saudi Arabia to be kafir. If the Dawlah managed to make in-roads into Saudi Arabia, could they enslave the citizens on that basis?
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  • was chatting with RySenkari about some alternate history ideas I've had a few months ago on Discord where several of these ranged from a Dinotopia movie made by Lucasfilm which is also a collab between them and the Jim Henson Company, a Disney Renaissance King Kong movie in the late 90s, a Wizard of Oz adaptation like a game... or film adaptation that acts as a more faithful adaptation of the book.
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    Toa AxiomMan
    Toa AxiomMan
    For the Dinotopia one I probably imagine like Jim Henson's Creature Shop doing the effects along with like James Horner doing the score
    that works naturally, that would come mids 90's or later?
    Toa AxiomMan
    Toa AxiomMan
    around the mid 90s
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  • Thank you for replying to many of my questions and giving me many ideas. I really like both of your timelines and I hope you continue to post. (Also, I have my own timeline, called When The Tlingit embraced the Seas- A Pacific Northwest Timeline, and you can check it out if you want).