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    Yes, I Better Warn You that All 3 Miss Universe Organization Telecasts (Miss Teen USA, Miss USA & Miss Universe) will be Moving to FOX for 1987 with New Music Director Tom Bahler and will stay on all the way to the present however the new TB2.0 package will go off 10 years later from now and all the music from the pageant will be going to Rhythm Radio since then.
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  • Herricks is your Jacobite America TL still on? Also are you alright? You havent been seen in awhile...
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  • Favourite/Least Favourite Canadian Prime Minister
    CanadianTory 1
    Sir Robert Borden and it’s a tie between Pierre Trudeau and John Diefenbaker
    mr Memer
    mr Memer
    What's Wrong With Pierre Trudeau Yeah He's Not The Best Prime Minister But Still He Was Pretty Good as Prime Minister