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Black Moon Over Virginia

An episode of The Next Generation.

Season: 1

Episode: 3

Written by: August Akuma

Air date: May 16, 2009

Trivia: First episode to be written by August Akuma.

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The episode opens as Hashasheen and godsown1991 fail to go twenty-four hours without fighting. This happens to be just as the Stranger enters, surprisingly, a normal timeline: March 15, 1774. Unfortunately, something just “pops” into existence in Virginia.

A flashback reveals that Big Tex has at some point granted catboy637 the Stranger's equipment, including a personal crosstime-travel ring watch, for the purpose of Ameriwank. Apparently, said equipment had been stolen by the two of them from the actual Stranger and used as a test of low-level ASB tech.

A mysterious black orb (the Black Moon) shoots through space, reaching Earth at the same location as catboy637. The Stranger's crew goes down to investigate.

Meanwhile, on the planet, catboy637 is just meeting with George Washington when the Black Moon hovers above Mount Vernon. The orb uses high-tech laser stuff to disable catboy637's equipment, and beams down Stalin's Pipe Organs to collect it.

Inside the orb, August Akuma instructs Cyborgs #19 and #21 to beam down and collect the equipment. He expresses dismay that the two Cyborgs nonchalantly kill Cyborg #1–it is the tenth such occurrence in a week.

As the Stranger's landing party approaches the planet in shuttles, the orb attacks Shuttle #1. Big Tex, on Shuttle #2, contacts the ship; the only sober person on it is nikky, who texts Analytical Engine to return fire.

Stalin's Pipe Organs retrieves catboy637's watch, but allows him to escape. Cyborg #19 throws Stalin's Pipe Organs straight up for his “dedication”, where he crashes through the window of Shuttle #1, which subsequently crashes. Hashasheen and godsown1991 emerge, and duel with Cyborgs #19 and #21, respectively. The duels intersect, but as Cyborg #21 is called back to the orb and godsown1991 is at Cyborg #19's mercy, Big Tex destroys the latter Cyborg with a Fat Man mini-nuke catapult. There is an awesome explosion, and the Black Moon leaves.

Big Tex then walks up to George Washington, who has been standing there for the entire fight, and gives him an adaptation of the Stranger Speech. TheDarkServant repairs Shuttle #1, and the Stranger leaves the timeline with Stalin's Pipe Organs and catboy637.

The penultimate scene shows “Emperor” August Akuma in a pub on Britwank World #3588079809871, offering employment to a Mysterious Man. A connection between August Akuma and crackersncheese is heavily implied, and, their agreement reached, the two vanish in a flash of blue light.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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