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A unrepentant loyalist of the Habsburg Dynasty, ImperialVienna hails from the Empire of Greater Pennsylvania.


While he has experimented with ideas pertaining to the Pre1900s genre he has truly come to his own in the Post Great War Era. After dismissing the idea of a Federated Habsburg Empire surviving the Great War he started anew.

The result has been “Austria Never Never Forget Thy Past”, a TL revolving around a Post War restoration of Emperor Karl as Archduke of the Archduchy of Austria. Sadly Archduke Karl does not avoid his premature demise, though we can hope that his son will set a new record in years reigned. And he does.

Butterflies ensue, featuring such treats as a FDR-less America and a bunch of Balkan Wars. After much debate and unwanted input from an overly persistent viewer it also has Nazi Germany(though knowing this TL that false Reich will probably be replaced with a proper Federal Empire), hopefully ready to get its ass kicked by a Habsburg boot.

The TL is currently on hiatus in the Second Great War, but is poised to advance at its master's command.

A second version is also known to be in the works. Among the known changes are a more balanced Greco-Turkish conflict, different Hungarian dynamics (including a more sympathetic Horthy), and more royalist revivals.

The TL is augmented by maps of Europe provided by IV himself, ATL speeches using member submitted material, and delightful visuals provided by Josepheus.

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