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Over the Trope

An episode of The Next Generation.

Season: 1

Episode: 6

Written by: Jord839

Air date: June 6, 2009

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Analytical Engine is mentally scarred from something, and as a result the ship isn't working right. Big Tex and TheDarkServant go to No Islam TL #3758908 to buy a replacement part from a shifty-looking mustachioed man (vultan, with a false mustache). Jord839 attempts to impersonate his alternate, a priest at a Catholic girls' school, but is beamed out before he accomplishes anything.

TheDarkServant installs vultan's mysterious box, but it turns out to replace Analytical Engine with the malevolent Tropemaster. The Tropemaster prevents TheDarkServant from returning to his quarters, using mechanical arms, laser turrets, and flaming buzzsaws. (Blue Max actually falls down the ensuing Plot Hole, but is rescued by IAN.) The Tropemaster shows Hashasheen and godsown1991, Jord839 and ImperialVienna, and Big Tex, Wolf, nikky, and Wanderlust all getting attacked by Trobebots. (Previously, nikky's attempts to entice Wanderlust into therapy attracted Doctor What from the MES, but he crashed into the wall and had no impact on the story.) All lose except Hashasheen and godsown1991, who are still fighting.

Then the Tropemaster's door is pounded open to reveal Zyzzyva. He turns against the Tropemaster upon its incineration of his keg. Meanwhile, godsown1991 discovers the Tropebots' weakness: troping. As a result, Zyzzyva and the Tropemaster enter a Trope-off Duel to the Death, which, unfortunately, could not be shown due to its intense trope concentration. Zyzzyva wins, destroying the Tropemaster, and goes off to find beer. The parts that vultan brought explode, probably just because it's cool.

The final scene shows August Akuma bringing vultan before a mysterious voice for castigation. Ryder, however, turns on the light, revealing the voice as belonging to Krall.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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