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The Hunt For Us Ain't Over


Season: 2

Episode: 8

Written by: Flocculencio

Air date: February 19th, 2006

Trivia: Flocculencio's first episode.

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luakel and Flocculencio join the crew after a daring commando escape! from a space based Singaporean prison.


The Flocculencio here is said to be the same one which featured in GBW's DO THE ANIME-TION.

First appearance of Flocculencio's Mecha-Corvette (seen on the title card).


The episode was slightly criticised for character-wanking Flocc too much.

Behind the Scenes

This ep was precluded by luakel repeatedly whining to join the ships crew, the previous eps featured increasingly insulting portrayls of luakel until he finally joined the ship and it only got worse for him.

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