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Sealions on an Airship


Season: 4

Episode: 2

Written by: Thande

Air date: April 20, 2008

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A retrospective episode, telling the origins of G.Bone and how he came to join the Ship crew.

It emerges that G.Bone comes from a steampunk world where - in a parody of Snakes on a Plane - he is taken from the Kingdom of Hawaii to the Dominion of California by Michigander agent Super55 in order to testify against druglord HelloLegend in court. HelloLegend attempts to sabotage their passenger airship, Ludendorff, by concealing Chinese Sealions in its cargo compartment. Mayhem ensues.

The airship does eventually get to St. Francis thanks to Super55's sheer awesomeness, but just before G.Bone is due to testify, he is accidentally teleported away by the Ship in orbit - Dave Howery, unused to the teleporter controls, was trying to get Doctor What a T-bone steak. Doc offers G.Bone a job working the teleporters, and G.Bone is so enamoured of the concept of teleportation that it keeps his attention for at least five minutes before he immediately slips into the manner seen in most Series episodes.


This was the third 'origins' story (also in chronological order), after OF SHIPS AND CAPTAINS/ONCE MORE INTO THE BREECH (Doctor What and Grey Wolf); and TO LIVE AND DIE IN SAULT STE. MARIE (Dave Howery).


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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