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Amazons & Dinosaurs

Season: 4

Episode: 16

Written by: Dave Howery

Air date: November 16,2008

Trivia: The episode provides an origin story for IronYuppie. This is the fourth origin-story episode after OF SHIPS AND CAPTAINS (Doctor What and Grey Wolf), TO LIVE AND DIE IN SAULT STE. MARIE (Dave Howery), and SEALIONS ON AN AIRSHIP (G.Bone).

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The opening skit has Flocculencio and Luakel complaining to Doc about how Landshark is a useless crew member, never at his piloting station because he's always tied up in IronYuppie's quarters. Doc retorts that Landshark serves a very important role, and then goes on to tell the story of how IY joined the crew.

Six years previously, and two after Doc and Grey first fled from the battle with the Devourer of Worlds with the Ship, about half of the eventual crew had joined. They're having problems because the current pilot, GBW, is still learning and Leo Caesius is still trying to figure out the ship.

Doc reveals that his ambition (eventually given up by the present day) is to track down the Caladians, the inhabitants of the most advanced timeline, who had FTL drive as well as crosstime travel but retreated from the latter long ago. He finds evidence that they are connected with a timeline which is a primitive world where the dinosaurs never died out. However, there are two groups of primitive humans there as well, the survivors of two ship crashes.

Most of the crew teleports down and is captured by one group, consisting of Amazons led by Queen IronYuppie. They are “evaluated” by dominatrices, except Dave Howery who falls asleep in front of his underage dominatrix, Gidget. Impressed by Doc's resilience, IY helps them to find the first crashed ship, which turns out to be Caladian. The AH.commers learn that there is no information of FTL drive, but the ship had been transporting genetically engineered dominant women who love S&M to specialist crosstime brothels - hence their descendants turning out that way. Due to G.Bone and GBW's lack of competence, they are unable to return to the Ship and Dave is forced to repeatedly flee from Gidget, who's determined to “evaluate” him.

The crew are attacked and captured by the second group, the “Eaters”. However, when it turns out that they're descended from the crash victims of a Canadian ship, Dave goes berserk and kills them all. After which he finally succumbs to Gidget and believes he, like the rest of the crew, is going to Hell.

The episode ends with IY joining them and the crew becoming unmanageable due to half of them being trapped and “evaluated” by her at any one time, thus setting up a sequel episode about Landshark's origins…


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