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Dry Dock


Season: 2

Episode: 1

Written by: Psychomeltdown

Air Date: January 2, 2006

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With Doctor What being thought dead, the ship is still being put back together after its battle with the Devourer of Worlds and Abdul and DMA are leaving the crew.

Dave Howery is having a blast using the Hub's resources to rebuild parts of the ship, Hendryk and he get into an argument over Doctor What's quarters, Hendryk has turned it into a shrine and Dave needs to do some work in it. Upon leaving, Hendryk discovers a diary.

The diary turns out to be a guide to reaching Doctor What's Porn Cache. Matt, Diamond, Othneil, and Hendryk all go to find that Porn Cache.

Meanwhile, the crew sends Weapon M to talk to Grey Wolf about resuming exploring once more, Grey Wolf is still mourning the loss of Doctor What.

Hendryk manages to pass the three challenges to get to the Porn Cache only to be confronted by an alternate Luakel (Laukel). Diamond and Othniel enter and Othniel reveals his plan to destroy the Porn Cache. He chooses the wrong key and runs screaming from the Room.

Hendryk chooses the right Key and the hologram program ends.

Grey Wolf decides to begin exploring once more.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

The episode is a parody of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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