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Memetic Mutation

Most trolls are just boring. Some however, clearly are very, very funny, and may also say very, very funny things. Those trolls have a lasting impression, and what they have said will enter the general memepool. The same is true for some posts by regular members - even normal members (but of course even more members who are notorious for that) may post something judged as very lunatic now and then, and that may also enter the general memepool.

Those memes are then usually wildly mixed in response and mockery to other trolls. This phenomenon is known as memetic mutation.

List of troll-derived and similar Memes

Derived from radical_neutural

  • yuo fcukin crakched!: The standard insult used in memetic mutations.
  • ctulhu neatanderdal reaplotick: Another noteworthy quote. He posted an ASB thread with this title and the first post was simply “ready? go!”
  • i cliam nzai pirat jpaan!: In Mosaic Earth, of course
  • Sister: R_N claimed to lust after his sister, which is his half-asian half-sister in some sources.
  • Bad spelling: Originally, intentionally very, very bad spelling refered to/ridiculed R_N, though later hypern usurped that. The two types of misspelling are, however, distinguishable to the careful observer.

Derived from hypern

  • Bad Touch: hypern often threatened to 'give people teh bad tuch', including naughty children; it is believed that this was his unintentionally hilarious euphemism for smacking.
  • Chalk: In his most famous thread he complained about children drawing chalk on the pavement. For some reason he thought this would make gay couples jump off of bridges.
  • Vaseline: He claimed his uncle would rub him with it.
  • Uncle: See above. Of course often merged with Eleven11's uncle.
  • Bad spelling: Even though hypern was never as bad as R_N, intentionally very, very bad spelling eventually became known as “hypernese”.
  • STAY ON TOPIC!: Usually in “hypernese”, statement issued by hypern in said most famous thread that often gets copied in memetic mutation.
  • Parrot: Derived from his earlier incarnation as blysas, he claimed to have been terrorised by a parrot owned by a relative.

Derived from Cyrrylia (Cyril)

  • Inherent: Cyril's main reasoning for all his opinions was “It's inherent”. Not to be confused with PaleHorseRiding's “It's relative”.
  • Private trees on public land: …I have no idea, actually, honestly. Appears to be a case of Beam Me Up, Scotty.
  • The anarcho-capitalist state of the ancient Irish/the Sioux: Supposedly the ideal form of government or lack thereof that he aspired to. Apparently, they were anarcho-capitalist because even though they had laws, it was okay because the people decided on them. So totally unlike the modern USA or European states.

Derived from Tielhard

  • Inability to quote: Instead of quoting he would start posts with (Member name) (paragraph) You said: (paragraph) “(content of post)”
  • Being sarcastically enthusiastic about everything VoCSe posted.
  • Non-sequiturishly tacking comments about how America or Israel should be destroyed onto the ends of otherwise reasonable-sounding posts.

Derived from PaleHorseRiding

  • Boat People Caliphate: PHR coined the term, though he is much more famous for…
  • Relative: As a moral relativist, PHR's main argument was “It's relative”, which of course may not be confused with Cyril's main argument “It's inherent”.
  • Superiority of Violence: Hence, PHR was also convinced that if I beat you up, I'm right, which also gets incorporated into memetic mutation.

Derived from Eleven11

  • No backup plan: If you do not have a backup plan, you do not exist. That was Eleven11's main argument as why the nukes were a hoax.
  • Uncle in xyz: If you have an uncle in something related to with the topic, you may belong to incredibly vast conspiracy! As said, often merged with hypern's uncle, though, so in half of all cases it will be a vaseline factory.
  • Jewish tribalism: The Jews rule the world through tribalism. Or something.
  • I have done extensive research: His justification for believing all nukes were fake.

Derived from Chris

  • Are all…: Chris statement, originally defending muslim persecution got meme-mutated into:
  • “Are all xyz zyx? No - Are some? Yes. - Can we tell the difference? No.”
  • (“I'm not saying I like it, but”) “It's inevitable” - not to be confused with 'it's inherent' or 'it's relative'.

Derived from GirlsGoFishing

  • Higher brain functions: Everybody who disagreed with her had no higher brain functions. Obviously.
  • I have talked with native tribal leaders: A statement she often and loudly proclaimed, even though it interested absolutely nobody.

Derived from HurganPL

  • German-American settlers: All Germans are evil and want to commit genocide in Poland, which is clearly evidenced for by the fact that some German-descended settlers killed some Indians on the Great Plains of America in the 19th century. Note that said settlers were in fact characters in a work of literary fiction.
  • Treated worse than animals: The universal counterargument. Every time HurganPL's nonsense was called on he'd respond with something like “And had you acted differently if your people had been treated worse than animals” or “Must be because I am not educated enough, as my people had been treated worse than animals”.

Derived from Molobo

  • As this Wikipedia article shows: Or phrased similarily, alluding to the fact that Molobo liked to quote metres long texts from dozens of Wikipedia links - all written by himself.

Derived from HelloLegend

  • Gilmore Girls references
  • Proudly going on about the US Navy and then inadvertently letting slip his demeaningly minor role in it
  • Baseball
  • Star Trek
  • Superiority of Chinese civilisation
  • Absurd polls (often remembered as Nek's parody of “Thongs, thongs, or thongs?”)
  • If you have more than 1000 posts, you are a “Valued Contributor” and immune to being banned

Derived from General Mung Beans

  • Abortion
  • Nazis
  • Traitors
  • Death penalty
  • Rev Left
  • Combining all of these in one every post.

(Example by Leo Caesius: “Bring me the head of that Nazi chef! He's a traitor to good cuisine for making this abortion of a meal! He deserves the death penalty!”)

Derived from kahing

  • Banana throwing
  • “Anti-Chinese propoganda” (sic)

Examples of memetic mutation

“Are all atomic bombs real? No.

Are some? Yes.

Can we tell the difference? Not easily.

I'm not saying I like it, but sooner or later your uncle will end up peeling potatoes in a Jewish concentration camp, and we all know where that leads: the resurrection of the anarcho-capitalistic state of the ancient Irish.”

- by Nekromans, combining Chris, Eleven11 and Cyril.

Yuo fcukin crakchead, I gvie yuo teh bad tuch!!!

- probably the most common mutation, a simple combination of the two bad spellers, radical_neutural and hypern.

Avert the war? But it IS inevitable like Burgundy! And inherent and relative, too, and its uncles rub Jews with vaseline!

- by Susano, combining Cyril, PHR, Chris, Eleven11, hypern, and the Inevitable Kingdom of Burgundy (an Imajin/Thande-created running joke)

Douglas, you said: Susano's use of multiple references to past users popped my memetic mutation cherry.

I just Googled it, and your sophistry has been disproven. You may not like that it is on public, but not private land, but hta'ts jstu teh wya it is you fcukin carckheads!!111

Dont attempt this. I have done extensive research and have talked with various tribal leaders, and they all agree you do not have the brain capacity for that. You have to consider: Are all Valued Contributors half-asian half-sisters? No. Are some? Yes. Can we tell the difference? Well, it's relative. And that is why Tel-Aviv should be leveled.

- by Susano, combining Tielhard, Tellus, Chris, radical_neutral, hypern, Girlsgofishing, etc.

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