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Hypern was an entertaining member and candidate for LCD, but can no longer expect to get that title, as he was banned by Ian in June 2007 for excessive trolling and creating sockpuppets. He tried to return as Blink56 and Norbert Newman, without success, and then reappeared under several sockpuppets at once, which held demented conversations with each other. He was originally banned as blyasas but first achieved prominence as hypern.

Nicknamed “Hypno” by Fell and “Crabtree” by the Dean.


“Hypernese”, along with Radical_Neutralian, is recognised by the EU as an minority language. Hypern's legendary 'PC cracked up' thread includes numerous examples of other Board members, including Fellatio Nelson and The Bald Imposter, holding conversations in Hypernish.

Even now it is not entirely certain how much Hypern was taking the piss, as he seemed to develop the ability to spell for certain posts and then lose it again soon afterwards.

Years later, it was discovered that his elusive “ Adab” actually meant a form of Islamic etiquette, clarifying his enigmatic ramblings by only a slight amount.

In 2008, Baldie developed a Hypern-bot, which used a Markov chain generator to randomly combine words and phrases from hypern's posts. It is saying something that these rarely made less sense than the real thing. In 2017, he revived the concept, even with a Twitter account for hypernbot.

Famous quotes (with corrected spelling and grammar in places)

  • That really bites my hat!
  • When children are naughty I touch them, do you understand?!!
  • Drawing rainbows in chalk on the pavement will make gay couples jump off bridges.
  • My uncle used to rub me all over with vaseline.
  • Children need to be taught about addab, I neab nabbers!
  • Crazy and mad, my friend; well, I can't believe it to my ears and my mouth.
  • I can give you bad touch if I want but I won't because I have other people to give bad touch to. I also like shopping.
  • This man in the bush was looking at me, he gave me bad touch. I told the park manager and he give me bad touch.
  • I am a real pperson goofdd daMMIT, i AM NOT SOME CHEAPSOCK PUOOET. i AM HYPERN AND i AM REAL
  • Stop misspelling! (NB, itself misspelled)

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