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AKA the Great White Lands, Dave Howery's desired to be conquered lands, land of Doctor What, SleepaholicAgent, & Ian (PBUH), home to fortyseven, Redem, the ubbergeek, Isaac Brock, and currently the only nation with a maple leaf on its flag. In large parts of Canada, milk is sold in plastic bags.

Depending on who you ask, Canada is: either an ungrateful former British colony, illegally occupied rightful American land, or illegally occupied rightful French land. No-one asks the First Nations, of course.

For various reasons, many American members regard it as fairly easy for the US to gain possession of Canada in numerous PODs, a tactic that is always sure to be angrily denied by the Canadian members.

On a related note, several members have expressed a desire for the Canadian provinces to accept the inevitable and become American states.

In Europe Canada is often viewed as being like Diet America, the US with all the unhealthy stuff taken out. And of course, just like anything diet, is bland and boring.

AKA “Soviet Canuckistan”, after jokes about how Americans view it as being borderline Socialist-Commie-ish. The member whose name begins with Z has even designed a nice flag for Canuckistan.

Also, Canada is America's (top?)hat.

Administrative regions of Canada

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