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offtopic:ah.com_calendar Calendar

Our forum includes the usual VBulletin calendar, although ours is of course programmed on a hybrid druidic stone circle/clockwork steampunk difference engine in Ian's basement. As well as member birthdays (some of us, such as David bar Elias, are fortunate enough to have two on the same day), the calendar includes a few well recognised festivals.

The AH.comese Calendar

On the 17th of November (declared AH.comese New Year by Nekromans in 2007) in 2008 several members of, primarily Krall, constructed a real AH.comese calendar system. The AH.comese calendar has eleven months and eleven days in each week (an homage to the notorious conspiracy theorist Eleven11). Each month is made up of precisely three weeks, making for 33 days per month. In addition to this there is a period of two days termed “Mega Party Time” situated directly before AH.comese New Year. These days exist outside of any month and are just there to make the number of days equal 365. There is also one day of “Party Time” on the 7th of March in every leap year so that the number of days is 366 in those years. This means that both the Gregorian and AH.comese calendars start and end at exactly the same time. AH.comese New Year, however, is not situated at the beginning of a new calendar cycle, making the system even more confusing, an attribute perfectly fitting—-

Each day of each week is given a name, usually based off one of's many memes and in-jokes, as follows:

AH.comese months have a names similar to those of months from the Gregorian calendar, but with an twist (all but one is based off the username of an user). The months and the inspirations for their names are shown here: Holidays

In addition to the creation of the above featured calendar system, several new holidays were created on that same day and some were added gradually over the years. Here's a list of holidays:

Heterosexual Reconquista Day - January 31st.

Dreadnought Day - On the 10th of Feburary/8th of Pashuary. A day commemorating the launching of the revolutionary battleship the HMS Dreadnought.

Victory over Snooki Day - March 1st.

Drink Heavily Day - On the 12th of March/5th of Scotch. A day commemorating BOOOOOOOOOOOZE!

Be One With Yuri Day - April 13th.

St Cyril The Inherent's Day - July 30th.

Resurrection of What - August 23rd. The principle holiday of Whatianity.

Airship Day - September 24th.

Flag Day - October 4th. Minor holiday in honour of AH flags and AH flag-making contests. Observed primarily by the GOVAI, its date is identical with the date of the Weekly Flag Challenge's inception in 2009.

German Day - November 9th.

AH.comese New Year - On the 17th of November/22nd of Nekvember. The AH.comese New Year's Eve is on the previous day.

Floccmas - AH-themed Christmas equivalent on the 23rd of December. Declared by His Excellence Pope Awesome I. (Flocculencio), as the 23rd is his birthday.

Reichmas - On the 25th of December/27th of Docember.

Floccday - Lesser known Flocculencio-related holiday, supposedly on the 1st of January.

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