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Doctor What's first (of hopefully many) novels.

The story deals with the consequences of a physics experiment at the CERN facility going awry and creating a global 'swiss-cheese' ISOT exchanging large areas of the 2008 Earth with that of the Cretaceous Period.

Described by Thande as 'having a cast of thousands' (not, alas, that much of an exaggeration), the novel follows the adventures of eight groups of people in various locations around the world as they try to survive numerous disasters, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Numerous members of AH.COM make appearances in the novel, either as major characters or in small cameos.

Started in June 2007, the novel was completed in February 2008. Read it here.

List of AH.commer cameos

List of prehistoric fauna appearing in the series

Turtledove Awards

Winner of the 2008 Turtledove Award in the Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi category.

Winner of the 2008 Turtledove Award in the Best Alternate History Story category.

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