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Doctor What's evil cat, who appears in The Series and Luaky Commer as well as in real life. Recently, thanks to Audrey, she was joined by a male rescued stray called Sphinx or Sphynx. Doc has already planned for the worst and has the name 'Lynx' lined up for when Audrey visits again.

Pictures of Mynx always show her as black with extremely vivid, penetrating green eyes.

In Fiction

Mynx has featured herself in a few episodes of The Series, most notably “THE SHIP SANK - DEAL WITH IT!” alongside Grimm Reaper's cat Pumpkin.

She also had a prototype Shift-capable shuttle named after her, first appearing in “LIFE, EVERYTHING, AND THE PUB IN THE HUB”. The Mynx was destroyed when it crashed in TL-191 in “AMERICAN EMPIRE THE HOLDER CANNOT SCENT”, but mysteriously reappeared when Othniel took it to hunt after the rogue Straha in. Possibly the AH.commers just built another one with the same name and shift engine. (This was seized upon as a running gag, and the crew are currently on the Mynx VII).

Along with Sphinx, Mynx has also featured in Luaky Commer. Her major role was in ripping GBW's face off in the first film, turning him into a vengeful cyborg who blames Luaky for the incident.

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