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An ISOT story and science fiction trilogy written by the respected AH.COM author Thande from February 12 to November 7, 2006. The trilogy consists of three books - Moonstruck, The Arm's-length War, and The Blade and the Cross.

The main plot revolves around Earth's moon (Luna) being displaced in time (Isoted) from the 24th Century to the early 21st Century (from 2350 to 2006, to be exact).

The story was essentially a testbed by Thande to try out his sci-fi universe in an context, with the ISOT thrown in to provide an AH link (Thande being unaware at the time that lots of AH.commers write straight sci-fi as well). As things transpired, it then got completely out of control and eventually reached 400,000 words.

AH.commers with cameos

However, most of the major characters are original. Although the book has a large cast, probably the two most prominent characters are Aldrin Garrows, the First Consul of Luna, and Ehred Wrais, a Vároto leader.

Spinoff and prequel

Thande later created the spinoff series The Vendetta, a story set in the same universe, but from an alien's perspective.

In 2018, Thande started posting a prequel series, The Surly Bonds of Earth.

Discussions on the Moonstruck and Thalvetia series

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