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offtopic:ah.com_elections_2006 Elections, 2006

The 2006 elections were the first held in history. They involved some surprisingly divisive issues, such as Zombie Rights (favoured by the YSP and the AFZ but opposed by almost everyone else) and N00b Rights (favoured by the YSP, the GNC and the DCNP but opposed by some others).

Also in existence was The Anarchist Party however on principal it was not listed on the polling sheet.

Presidential election results

Parties Candidates Percentage Vote Swing
AHPP Leo Caesius 37.50% N/A
GNC Weapon M 10.71% N/A
Independent GBW 5.36% N/A
WP Doctor What 7.14% N/A
YSP Thande 28.57% N/A
Write-in N/A 10.71% N/A

Leo Caesius of the AHPP was duly elected President of Turnout was 56.

Parliamentary election results

Parties Parliamentary Seats Percentage Vote Swing
AFZ 0 1.49% N/A
AHPP 2 11.94% N/A
CBP 0 0% N/A
DLPMP 0 2.99% N/A
DCNP 2 8.96% N/A
E 4 22.39% N/A
GNC 1 8.96% N/A
KETWIWBP 1 7.46% N/A
OCP 0 4.48% N/A
WP 1 7.46% N/A
YSP 4 23.88% N/A

Turnout was 67. Parliament, 2006

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