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List of published authors

Though we have lots of talented authors of great alternate histories on this board, only a few of them have actually published their works created within or outside the board in proper book format. Still, there are some - and this page was created to serve as a comprehensive (and hopefully expanding) list of them.

Self-published and standardly published authors

Sorted alphabetically, by surname initials.

Craig Alan

Craigo has published his debut science fiction novel, Here Be Dragons, in 2013. You can buy it here or here and the first chapter is available as a preview at the publisher's website. Winchell Chung of Atomic Rockets fame gave the novel his Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval.

Thomas Anderson

So far, Thande's published four works that originated on, all via Sea Lion Press. The major work is the first volume of his Look to the West timeline, titled Diverge and Conquer. The three smaller works are based on the shorter timelines The Curse of Maggie, The Unreformed Kingdom and Not An English Word.

J. L. Avey

The Kiat has published several of his on-site and off-site timelines and stories. A full list can be seen here. His first major published work was a slightly reworked version of his An Alternate History of the Netherlands timeline, in e-book format. You can find a readable preview here. Links to buy the final version of the e-book: Barnes & Noble,, Newer released works include Hostile Waters: The Great Lakes Campaign, 1913, River of Blood: Battle of the Tennessee River, 1914, Lost Cause: Fall of the Confederate States of America, 1916 and Moonlab: Humanity's First Home away from Home (an adaptation of the Moonlab (1974-1981) timeline).

Volker Bach

carlton bach hasn't published any alternate history themed literature so far, but he's the author of the historical non-fiction book The Kitchen, Food, and Cooking in Reformation Germany (part of a non-fiction series called Historic Kitchens). You might find it a valuable publication on 16th century German culinary traditions. Here's a review by the Medieval Cookery blog.

Liam Baker

Comisario's short timeline Walking Back to Happiness was published in early 2016 by Sea Lion Press, as part of their Phase 3 lineup.

Michael Ballif

Rognvald's Turtledove-award winning timeline, The Legacy of Saint Brendan, was published through Sea Lion Press in 2020.

Jasper Barlowe

Thespitron 6000 has published the mystery/horror/fantasy/AH novel The Red Crow, set in Sankt Petersburg in 1914. It is the first volume in a planned five part series. You can buy it here.

Tom Black

Meadow has published several of his works from through Sea Lion Press, a publishing company he helped co-found. These include the short timelines Zonen, For Want of A Paragraph, Boristopia, Meet the New Boss. He has also published works in which he was a co-writer with Lord Roem, including Shuffling the Deck, President Ashdown Is Retiring and most importantly, their magnum opus to date, Agent Lavender. Meadow was also the editor for the Sea Lion Press anthology 10 Leaders Britain Never Had.

Sebastian P. Breit

posbi has published an ISOT novel in the vein of The Final Countdown or John Birmingham's Axis of Time trilogy, called Wolf Hunt. It has its own unique twists on the subject matter and the near-future characters are ISOTed to 1940. You can order it here. The book is the first volume in a series titled The Burning Ages.

Jeffrey Evan Brooks

Anaxagoras has published an American alternate history novel named Shattered Nation. You can order it here.

Iain Bowen

In early May 2016, Sea Lion Press announced the publishing of Dislocated to Success, a spinoff book set in ianbhx timeline Arose From Out the Azure Main. This spinoff prose is written and narrated from an in-universe perspective (i.e., in mockumentary form). The book was announced as part of Sea Lion Press' Phase 4.

Andy Cooke

AndyC has published the first volume of his The End and Afterwards story series in early 2016, through Sea Lion Press.

He has also published the same book through the UK and US iterations of Amazon, as well as his shorter timelines The Fourth Lectern and Fhe Fifth Lectern, and his novel, The Cave Between Worlds.

Dale Cozort

Currently working on publishing and marketing several of his AH and ISOT novels.

  • Exchange. Description: Near future earth temporarily 'Exchanges' pieces of itself with an alternate reality where humans never developed and the large, fierce ice age animals stills exist. Status: Published on July 6, 2010. You can order it here.
  • Time Travel Can Be Murder. Description: An Alternate History/Police Procedural. Finalist in the TruTV Search For the Next Great Crime Writer contest. Status: Currently being marketed. The excerpts he posted as part of the contest are available here and here.
  • All Timelines Lead To Rome. Description: An Alternate History/Mystery. Our timeline has contacted an alternate reality where the Roman Empire still exists, virtually unchanged for nearly 2000 years. What kept it from changing, and how did a picture of a scroll from Rome end up in a picture found on a dead woman's body? Status: Being currently marketed.

Outside of prose, Dale has already published a non-fiction book of essays on Indian victories in alternate history fiction, called American Indian Victories : Alternate Histories of the Struggles Between Indians and Europeans. You can order it here. To see a complete list of his published and planned-to-be-published works, visit this page on his website.

Paul V. Cwiakala

Pkmatrix published a Fantasy/Alternate History short novel titled Fallen Saints in December 2014. Part One of his timeline The Bird Men of Patagonia, titled A Slave of the Bird Men, was serialized in Issues #8, #9, and #10 of Innovate E-Magazine in 2015 and later published as a single book in March 2016. Silent Mars and Other Stories, a short story collection, was published in May 2016. A second short story collection titled Smugglers, Gangsters, and an Allosaurus was published in June 2022.

Steven Digena

Japhy's short timeline Bombard the Headquarters! was published by Sea Lion Press in autumn 2015.

Jonathan Edelstein

The magazine Strange Horizons has accepted Jon's story First Do No Harm and expects to run it sometime in November 2015. According to Jon, it's his first professional sale and he's feeling pretty happy about it.

In 2015, Sea Lion Press published Jon's novel Union, Travail, Justice, set in an alternate post-colonial Gabon.

Alexander Gondzur

So far, Hapsburg has published two short stories set in his Central Galactic Union universe. You can buy Vera Nine here and Brevet here.

David Haworth

Northland has published The Hidden Crown: Northland - 1166, an alternate history novel where William the Conqueror lost the Battle of Hastings.

Paul Hynes

The Red has published Majestic, the first volume of his WWII timeline Decisive Darkness, through Sea Lion Press. The book was offered as a new addition in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of SLP's publishing plan.

Anthony Jones

Tony Jones revisited his Cliveless World timeline with the novel The Plague Policeman, published by Sea Lion Press in early January 2106, as part of their Phase 3 lineup.

Marc Jones

Cymraeg has published several of his timelines and AH stories. The Fireflies of Port Stanley can be bought here, Cato's Cavalry is available here (volume 1) and here (volume 2), and Splinters : A Different Alamein, purchasable here.

Jon Kacer

Paul Leone

Varyar published a Fantasy Adventure novel, Vampire Vatican Hunters Vol. 1: Mysterious Albion in March 2013. It is available now in e-book format on Amazon. Its sequel, Vampire Vatican Hunters Vol. 2: The Book of Thoth, was published in October 2013.

Bruno Lombardi

Doctor What has published his novel Snake Oil in January 2013. It will be published in e-book format first. (A paper version is in the works.)

His short story 'A Thursday Night at Doctor What’s Time and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill...' has now been published in The Temporal Element Anthology.

In 2016, a fan of his novel Snake Oil recognised him in public ! They had a nice little chat afterwards.

Bob Mumby

In early 2016, Sea Lion Press published Mumby's AH work Making Murder Sound Respectable, as part of their Phase 3 lineup.

Chris Nash

In 2015, Agent Boot's timeline The Loud Blast That Tears the Skies was published by Sea Lion Press, as part of their Phase 3 lineup.

D. F. Pellegrino

Pellegrino's timeline Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire has been adapted into kindle novel format and you can order it here. He's also published another book, The Dawg Pound Dynasty.

Robert P. Perkins

robertp6165 had published one of his best known ASB ISOT timelines, England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty, in 2011. You can order it here.

Matthew W. Quinn

MerryPrankster's short story Coil Gun, which is set in a timeline created for this very board after a challenge from reddie, appeared in Pressure Suite: Digital Science Fiction 3. Set in the opening hours of WWIII between the United States and the Afrikaner Confederation, an apartheid-like superpower encompassing most of the Indian Ocean basin, it is told from the alternating POVs of the American controller of a field of satellite-launching electromagnetic cannon and an Afrikaner intelligence officer. It can be ordered in multiple electronic formats here. If you're interested, you can read Alternate History Weekly Update's recent interview with Matthew about this novel and his other works.

His short story Skirmish at the Vale's Edge, set in FASA's BattleTech fictional universe, appeared in 2009 on the BattleCorps web-site here. His first publication, a horror yarn entitled I am the Wendigo, appeared in the now-defunct webzine Chimaera Serials and can be found here.

A complete list of his published works can also be found here.

David Row

Colin J. Salt

Ed Thomas

EdT has created e-books for his A Greater Britain, The Caesariad and Fight and Be Right timelines/universes, all of them published free of charge on his DeviantArt account. While not official publications per se, their overall quality is high and they're enjoyable reads. Also, besides the e-book with the main story, Fight and Be Right includes an excellent gazeteer-style companion book - aptly named The World of Fight and Be Right. Later, Ed managed to make a deal with about publishing Fight and Be Right, making it also available to readers in hardback.

In 2015 and 2016, Sea Lion Press officially published A Greater Britain, the first two volumes of The Bloody Man timeline, as well as Fight and Be Right, its companion book, and a new thriller novel set within the world of the timeline, The Blue Lotus.

Jack Tindale

Lord Roem has published several of his works from through Sea Lion Press, a publishing company he helped co-found. Said works include the short timelines The Limpid Stream, La Isla Bianca and T'Yorkshire Assembly. He has also published works on which he was a co-writer with Meadow, including Shuffling the Deck, President Ashdown Is Retiring and most importantly, their magnum opus to date, Agent Lavender.

Steve Wilson

Steve has contributed to the alternate history anthology The Tanist's Wife and other stories: Stories of Alternative Histories.

"Grey Wolf" (pseudonym)

Grey Wolf has published several of his works online. Here's a complete overview.

David Wostyn

Though Hendryk isn't a member of the board anymore, he still worked closely with Sea Lion Press on publishing the story anthology With Iron and Fire, set in his Superpower Empire China 1912 timeline. He was also interviewed about the novel by The Odyssey Online.

Professional AH writers that are/were members of the board

This list includes those authors who have their publications primarily in large-scale print circulation.

Sorted alphabetically, by surname initials.

John Birmingham

John Birmingham, noted AH and SF writer, occasionally posts here under the handle Birmo. His bibliography can be found in the Wikipedia article behind the link.

Stephen Michael Stirling

S. M. Stirling was a member of the board under the handle, until his banning over some rather racist remarks.

Harry Turtledove

Hasn't joined yet, could you believe it ? We're still kind of waiting for him to show up. ;-) Then again, he'd probably leave once he'd hear our repeated criticisms of many of his newer novels.

Guy Saville

Guy Saville is the author of The Afrika Reich which was published by Hodder and Staughton in the UK and Macmillan in the USA to critical and commercial success, becoming one of the Economist's 'Books of the Year' in 2011. He is on as altguy3, although he rarely posts.

Graeme Shimmin

Long-time member Shimbo wrote a first draft of a novel called A Kill in the Morning on from 2009-2011. It won the Turtledove Superlative Award for Best Overall Story in 2011. Several years, rewrites and prizes later A Kill in the Morning was bought by a major publisher - Transworld, which is part of Random House Penguin - and was published by them in June 2014.

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